Why Giving Up Is Not An Option – Episode 36 – The Sustainable Shift Podcast 


Hello, welcome to another episode of the Sustainable Shift Podcast. I am so excited to have you here. Now, you should see my situation so it’s Saturday afternoon and my husband is out with the children. I’ve had a glass of champagne and I’m feeling. Just so relaxed and so lovely and wanting to really record this episode, even though I don’t think I’ve ever recorded an episode on a Saturday, but for those of you who are listening weekly. You’ll notice that last week, I didn’t record an episode. Now this is something that I normally don’t do, but what I’m going to be sharing about in this episode is what’s been going on behind the scenes. 


Now, if you were following on Instagram, you would have seen a post that went out last week, and this post really resonated with so many of you and,  if I’m honest I was probably a little bit hesitant about sharing it. But I wanted to share it in the same breath because I wanted other eco entrepreneurs to know that we are all going through similar situations at different times in our business. And the biggest takeaway from sharing this post and being really open and honest is that so many of you were really connected with the exact same feelings and the exact same thoughts. 


So, it gave me more inspiration to delve into it a little bit more here on the podcast episode, because I really want to empower other entrepreneurs to really lean into that space that even if from the outside it’s going from say social media perspective. Things are looking okay,  behind the scenes it’s not okay. And that’s all right as well, because we are doing this entrepreneur live, not just for this linear straight path where we work nine to five get paid days, we have four weeks holiday and it’s all smooth sailing.


 I’m sharing this episode today because I wanted to be really real and really honest with you and give you a little bit of a life update, which is like a life business update. 


What I have felt, probably for the past two months so January and February. And I know a lot of other entrepreneurs have felt this as well, is such. I feel like it’s a heaviness, it’s got a little bit hot out to get back into work this year. It feels like things aren’t coming along as smoothly or as quickly, or maybe plans just aren’t going the way that you feel. Now is this, have you felt like this have you do you feel your businesses kind of just had like a bit of a slower start to the year. 


If I’m honest, I was okay with that happening in January, I still had four children at home, at school obviously didn’t start till towards the end of January, and I was okay with easing back into the year. But as soon as February came, I felt. Okay, I’ve got to know what I’m doing, I’ve got to be getting into this, I’ve got to be studying, planning and scheduling and I’m a Virgo, I love to have this plan in the schedule in my head. So I went out and bought myself a nice big whiteboard marker scheduled out what I wanted to launch, when I wanted to do it, and what I was going to be bringing to life this year, literally, breathing into life. 


And then I just couldn’t get into it. I looked at it. I tried. And I tried, and there was just something not feeling right. I couldn’t put my finger on it. I didn’t know what was happening. I honestly, I just couldn’t fathom that my life wasn’t working, my business wasn’t working the way that I really envisioned this year. So, like so many other eager entrepreneurs, we want to make this impact and we want to do it. Now, we don’t want to wait for 10 years, and do it. We want to do it now and have this impact. Now, I have found that this is like my eager talking. This is my impatience coming up. The more we let go of that needing and that wanting the more that things can flow. So, this has been my first month, two months of 2021. And when I shared this post on Instagram. I shared that I had a midday bubble bath. Now, I don’t even have a bath, if I’m honest at night, I just shower. I’m like okay get in get it done, done, tick it off, I don’t have to do it anymore. 


But for whatever reason, I had a little talk to my VA that day and I’m like, have you ever felt like this that things are just not working. I don’t know where I wanted my business to go. I don’t know where I’m hitting. And to be honest, I was on the verge of tears that whole week, and I had no why do why I couldn’t figure out why I was just feeling like I was gonna cry the whole time. 


And when I look back on it now that week was a week I had a family member pass away, I had my period, it was Mercury Retrograde, the planets were doing some crazy things up there. And it was all really impacting me but impacting me at a soul level not at this surface level. This was really impacting everything else and I couldn’t understand why. Because in business, in my mind, I was like it should just be easy I should just be able to do this and this and this, say for you if you’re sitting there listening to this you’ve got a goal you just bring it to life you sell it people will want it, and you make that impact. 


But for me, I was really questioning why I was doing it, what was the impact that I really wanted to create and where I came to what I actually did, is I really started to lean into listening to what my body was saying. 


So for that day, I had my midday bubble bath. I didn’t work the whole day. I literally cried, I meditated, I had a bath, I wrote in my journal. And I sent myself to bed early that night which is like as a mother, that’s great. I’m like, I’m happy to be sent to bed early so I sent myself to bed early. And then I gave myself grace, so I gave myself a couple of days of just, just leaving it just not worrying about it and just breathing stayed off social media, I even if I’m honest I deleted Instagram app off my phone which I’ve never done I’m like, Nope, that’s it I’m just giving up. I’m done. I’m not not ever doing this business again. And that was for about two days, or two days I was like, Nope, that’s it. It’s just not happening. 


Have you ever done this, first of all, I’m pretty sure that there are so many of the entrepreneurs that have this in those low moments it’s like nope it’s too hard, not doing it. 

So, how I got my head around the situation is actually really leaned in to the meditating side and the journal side of things because I have found that these tools are really helping me ground myself in the situations when maybe I’m a bit unsure and I don’t know what to do and really start to listen to my intuition. 


So again, if you’re following on Instagram at @cocoroseeco you’ll see that quite often I’m going to the beach, really early in the mornings with my dog, and even six months ago this wouldn’t have been possible because my husband has been a fly in fly out worker for over 10 years, and the time that I’ve had to myself. It has been really minimal because I’m doing both the mom and dad job, so getting up early and doing something for myself whether it be yoga or going to the dog park or the beach, whatever it is, just hasn’t been possible. But this year, on making it a non negotiable. There’s at least two mornings a week, if not more that I go quite often by myself with a dog as well. And that’s just my time I take my coffee. I don’t wear any shoes. I just walk barefoot, on the gew and sometimes I see the sun coming up. And I’ve recently started to take my journal and I’ve taken one of my books that I’m reading at the moment. And it’s just time to just pause. 


And what I found is that when I’m actually putting pen to paper. I am having these, I’m going to call in these quotation marks, downloads. Now, I used to kind of eye roll if I’m honest with people who said “ I’ve just had this amazing download” “It’s been amazing I know exactly what businesses are doing what costs I’m creating what product I’m doing I was like, how do you even know that”.


So, I get it now. I sat there for about 20 minutes to half an hour. One day,  literally just journaling in my journal. Next, I’m going to read out some snippets of it, but it was as if I was truly meant to be here going through that right space, and I’m going to read out a little bit of it because if it’s reading for me I feel that this is something that might connect with you as well. 


But, here we go. I’ve never read from my journal before so this is feeling kind of like I’m a 10 year old and opening up my diary. But this is what’s come to me. I’m really hoping that’s going to connect with you and connect with your business. 


There are no limits to what you can do, what you can create, what you can be, you can literally embrace everything to life that you put your focus on. 


But answer this. What signs are you blocking. What signs are you ignoring?

And why don’t you want to go down this path. This is what you were meant to be doing, you were meant to be here in this path. Why do you keep blocking it?



Now, how does it feel when you hear those questions coming from my journal. 

What does it make you think? Does it bring up any emotions because what I feel from it,  is that quite often we can be our own biggest self sabotage.  We can really block these thoughts that we kind of pass off as all of that silly, no one’s gonna listen to that no one’s gonna buy that. And we pass it off and we just try to ignore it. But what I found is the more that we start to listen to these ideas that might seem a little bit crazy or a little bit left field. 


This is literally our highest self trying to tell us that, that you trying, trying to get us to listen that perhaps we should be doing something else, even for me to be recording this episode which is, if I’m honest again feels a little bit left field for me to be really talking about this and sharing my journal but I felt like I needed to do this because after so many of you connected with the post. 


Last week, I feel that this is the right spot for you and it’s got to really connect with you. Because what I found is that the more that I can connect back in with myself so in these lowest of lows, what was coming to me when I was doing my meditations is like just trust


Like, literally just trust that you are here in this spot for a reason. 


You are meant to be doing this, and the business that you’re doing is of such huge benefit to the world, even if you can’t see it right now. There is a reason that you are meant to be doing it. And it’s completely okay if growth takes time. 


Like, you think of a little seed that you plant into the grass. You don’t sit there every day watching that see going “Come on why are you growing? Where are you? What are you doing? You must not be a good seed? Maybe I should just forget about you?”


Think of your business like that. The more that you’re negative and sitting there and waiting and really impatient. The more that it’s going to seem like this seed is taking too long to grow. But instead if we plant that seed, put it in the right spot. Give it a little sunshine, give it a little bit of water and nurture it, and in some senses. We’ll also forget about it, the more that I add has a chance to grow and to blossom into something that can be truly amazing. But when it comes to our business. 


We are just sometimes so impatient because we’re on our own timeline. Even though there’s a much, much bigger timeline out there and for some reason we feel that our business and our goals and everything we want to bring to life has to be with our own timeline. And sometimes that’s just not the right timeline. Sometimes you’re just not meant to be doing it at that right space that you feel is the right space. And what I really want you to resolve on this episode is that, if you’ve ever felt like giving up. If you ever felt that you’re not making a difference in this world. 


Maybe that next big break or that next big growth period is just around the corner. 

But you never got to know if you do give up now. And I know at times in business, especially being an entrepreneur, it’s literally like a wave sometimes we have these really beautiful amazing highways that we feel we know exactly what we’re doing. And there’s other times right down low and we have no idea. But if we gave up in that low time. We would never know. We would never know if that next big break or that next big impact was just around the corner. 


And what really kept bringing me back down to my truth as I sat there, I was like okay, I’m a Virgo let’s do this pros, cons, get let’s get a nine to five job. The only Pro. I had for getting a nine to five job ws that I would have a regular income. So I’d know exactly what was coming in each day, that was the only Pro, I could find. 


So if you ever find yourself in the same space maybe through that maybe write that little pros and cons list and get it out of your head, stop it just going round and round and round get out actually look at it. Because when you can see it on paper I was like, “Oh, of course I don’t want to give up my business” but if money is the only driver. Okay, how can we fix that situation, How can we make that happen? So you can expand into other different financial areas of your business. 


Now, another way that I’ve been leaning into this intuition and my spiritual side with running my business, and I feel it’s like intuition coaching or spiritual leaning I’m not quite sure how I’m wording it, or why I’m having trouble wording it or how it’s playing into my business but I feel the more I’m leaning into it, the better it’s working. 


So, I was like “Okay universe. Today’s been a really hard day, today’s just not been my day I’m like I need a sign,  show me a Dolphin” Now, I am hand on my heart within 10 minutes of coming home I pulled a card out of my Oracle cards, and the card I pulled was something like, never give up or success is coming, and there was a picture of a dolphin. No word of lie. And since this day, so about three or four weeks ago, I have seen the most random dolphins just coming up. All through my week!


 So, if you need a sign, maybe just ask? I know it might sound a little woowoo or spiritual, sometimes we just need that little sign to say yes you’re on the right path. Keep going, keep trusting that you are doing this. And what I have found is that, now I’ve gone through this darkness so this shadow time. 


I’ve really come to the conclusion that yes this is exactly what I meant to be doing. And in that time, I was like, I’m going to do a virtual retreat, literally this download. I feel so strange saying this but this download is like, I’m going to do a virtual retreat, and I know exactly who I’m going to invite. And I know who I’d love to invite to talk about and I know these are going to be the right audience. This is how many tickets I want to sell and these are the days I want to do it. 


And to be honest, it’s been one of the easiest planning things I’ve done in my business. I’ve wrote emails, the copy for the sales page,  everything has just come really easy. And I said to my husband the other night once I finished working. And I was like, I feel that this is a sign that we have to start listening to when business is easy, because this is when it comes with ease and it flows and it just works. So, Ecopreneurs for Earth Day is happening in April 22nd & 23rd April 2021.  The tickets will be going on sale on the 16th of March,  9am AEST.


This is just such a beautiful on holistic two days of learning, it’s priced really affordable because as an entrepreneur. I wanted to make sure that this event was available to everyone. I really wanted to make sure that it doesn’t matter what stage you are, that if you are yet to plant that seed or if you’re just really early sign up, that this event was really affordable for everyone because it is going to be such a holistic learning space. And so many times we forget to work on our business….


We’re just so busy working IN our business that we really forget that working ON our business is where things really make a difference. So keep an eye out 16th of March the tickets are going to be set going to be going on sale. And this event came from this space when I just was so unsure about what I was meant to be doing. And now I can see how this event space is actually going to be starting to come as in more into my business, because I love it, I love being able to hold that space for entrepreneurs to come together, not just any entrepreneur, eager entrepreneurs to come together and be in that safe space and really connect and really learn, because I know how hard it is to find that beautiful tribe that can really support you. 


And trust me, having that tribe to support you, is everything. I have such a beautiful mastermind with other membership business owners. And these girls, even though none of us have met in real life. I know I can call them and they can help me, even just the other day I was having a little bit of an issue, a technical issue with my website, I posted into our group and I can anyone help me with this one of the girls called me within two minutes. She was like “Yep, Let’s FaceTime,  we’ll see if we can click around here and here and here and here”  Volia technical issue was fixed!


So, I have that beautiful group, but I want you to have that beautiful connection and those beautiful learnings and up leveling and just holding space for you to be able to make your business, everything that you have dreamed of. 


So keep an eye out. Keep an eye out for those tickets but keep an eye out because I feel that these events and bringing people together is going to become such a bigger part of my business, and even later this year. I’m thinking maybe September, it’s my birthday month so why not plan it around my birthday, due to celebrations. I have wanted to do a retreat so I have about six different pieces of paper on the go right now of things that I’m going to be breathing into life, I’ve got a book. I’ve got some affirmation cards that I’ve got all these things, and whether it happens now whether it happens next year I’m letting go of the timeline, but every time something comes to me that feels fitting for that. 


It goes on my piece of paper, and I did some really beautiful retreat brainstorming the other day,  so a physical in person retreat. And, oh my goodness, everything has just come together, so easily. So if you look at this, take my experience and take it back on to your business. 


What flows in your business, what feels easy, what feels fu?  Because those things are quite often, what we should be doing. So if there’s something in your business, whether it’s something that you need to outsource or something that maybe you’re just doing in your business and you actually don’t like selling that product or you don’t like that service so you don’t like working with those particular clients. Why do you keep doing it?


Because if you feel that it’s the right time to maybe end that service or end that product, what you’re doing is you’re actually allowing some space when new ideas, new clients and new products come into your realm. But if your plates are already full. You’re not going to fit anything else up on it. And when you are in those moments of perhaps not so positive and just feeling unsure and questioning everything. 


I just want you to remember and take a moment. Why did you start your business in the first place? What was the reason? Write it down, whatever that reason is, write it down on a piece of paper, maybe not if you’re driving, but after you get home, write it down and stick it up so you can see it every day, because sometimes we need to be reminded in those bit of a low moments that we can still do everything we want to do, sometimes we’ve just got to remember those butterflies at the start when you’re creating your business and you’ve got your idea and if it was me it was when I got my logo, I was like, oh my goodness I’m not a real business. Now, I have a logo. So, this is what I wanted to share with you for this episode is that giving up isn’t an option when you’re an eager entrepreneur. 


These moments, are what makes us us, it makes us our business and it makes us grow and growth is really uncomfortable. Growth doesn’t really feel too good necessarily, especially  when you’re in that moment, but on the other end, on the other side is something magical and if we give up in those really hard moments. We’re never going to see that magic!


I hope this has resonated with you, please share this episode with other ecopreneurs that might want to listen to this podcast episode, I would be so grateful for you if you did that and come into my DM’s on Instagram. Come and say what you resonated with, maybe come and share what you’re struggling with, and where you’re at in your business I would love to be able to support you and give you that inspiration because sometimes we just need that connection, especially if you don’t have that beautiful group of like minded people. I am here for you. I would be so grateful if you took that moment to come and connect with me. And that is all for today’s episode lovely I hope you have a beautiful day. 


I hope you take that moment for yourself and take a moment to pause, and I am so looking forward to connecting with you hopefully at the Ecopreneurs for Earth Day Virtual Retreat, which is on the 22nd and 23rd of April, 2021.


All right, lovely, you have an amazing day, and I will connect with you very very soon bye for now.