Welcome to the Sustainable Shift Podcast by your host Petria Leggo-Field.

This podcast is dedicated to helping your eco business make a bigger impact, become more visible and make more sales.

In this Podcast we will cover actionable steps to gain more exposure for your sustainable and ethically focused small businesses all whilst juggling motherhood.

Consider this your go to community of people who just get it and leave each episode feeling educated, inspired and most of all motivated! 

So grow with me as I support your mission, shift you into gear and help shift the world in an eco-friendly way with the next episode of, The Sustainable Shift Podcast.


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Welcome to the sustainable shift podcast by your host Petria Leggo Field. This podcast is dedicated to helping your eco business make a bigger impact, become more visible and make more sales. In this podcast, we will cover actionable steps to gain more exposure for your sustainable and ethically focused, small business. All whilst juggling motherhood, consider this your GoTo community of people who just get it and leave each episode, feeling educated, inspired, and most of all motivated see, grow with me as I support your mission, shift you into gear and help shift the world in an ecofriendly way with the next episode of the sustainable shift podcast. Welcome, lovely. Thank you so much for listening to my very first podcast episode. I am honestly so excited to start this podcast. It has been a long time coming. Trust me now, my name is Petria and I own Coco Rose Eco, which is an online membership and directory that is dedicated to helping your eco business make a bigger impact, become more visible and make more sales.

Before I delve more into what Coco Rose Eco is all about, I thought I’d share it with a little introduction of myself. Now. I am a very busy mum to four young children. I also have a fly in fly out husband. I completely understand what the juggle between family home life and work there is precious little time to spare. Now when I do find a moment to relax, my guilty pleasures definitely include a good cup of coffee. Yes, my husband will often say that I’m a bit of a coffee snob. I also love very nice chilled glass of champagne, just depending on what the time of the day is. In my previous work life, I was a florist for 14 years, which I absolutely loved, but this was where my interest in really protecting nature, the environment really started though. Since becoming a mum nearly 12 years ago, the preservation of the environment became a huge passion of mine.

I remember when I was pregnant with my first daughter, I visited my very first baby show. Well, if you’re a mum, how crazy these baby shows are now, the eco choice that I actually made that day really stuck with me through my whole motherhood journey. What it was might surprise you. To me, it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, but it’s cloth nappies. Now my whole eco journey really started with cloth nappies. Before you ask, yes, I have used cloth nappies for all four of my children. I’m still using them for my youngest Atlas actually. Now let me backtrack a little bit. In 2016, we moved our family to Bali for 12 months, which on a side note is absolutely amazing. One that we will be forever grateful to have done because it basically just changed our whole life path. Now we, it also helped us name our business.

Coco Rose is actually my third daughter and she was conceived in Indonesia whilst I was consuming basically a coconut a day. And that’s actually her nickname is coconut. It was here where my passion really stepped into action. I just discovered the absolutely devastating effect that unmanaged waste and the lack of resources for environmentally friendly alternatives and what they can have on the beautiful natural environment. It was heartbreaking. Anyone who has been to Indonesia or to Bali knows how beautiful it is, but you just see rubbish everywhere. Now one day we were actually sitting on the beach, having a lovely picnic and joining a swim. We watched a hotel worker rake the entire beach to be clear and free of rubbish. So that sounds good? Right well, only once he finished, he dug a hole on the beach and buried it. He buried the whole pile of rubbish.

Now in 2017, I established my first business, Coco Rose Interiors, where I designed handcrafted Bohemian, products, to inspire a more natural and minimalistic approach to living. I was really honored to be named a finalist in the sustainable character, named a finalist in the sustainability category for the mumpreneur awards. In 2018, we had only been operating for under 12 months. This was a serious achievement in my eyes. If it was actually after these awards, when my husband picked me up from the airport and I asked him a question, am I really being sustainable? Like, am I really making a big difference by making people buy more furniture? So these questions led me to create eco-friendly gift guides. Now this was something I had no experience in doing, but I had the confidence and I had the courage and I wasn’t going to let my fears stop me from creating the business I had always dreamed of.

It was only then when I was connecting, I was coaching these beautiful eco-friendly businesses that I discovered how much I loved supporting them. I loved creating the change and it felt amazing to watch them shine because once they had the right business knowledge, they had amazing results. I closed down Coco Rose Interiors and now have my amazing new business, Coco Rose Eco. At Coco Rose Eco we’re on a mission to build a really well informed community based around the earth friendly movement, all whilst creating more exposure for the sustainability and ethically focused Australian small businesses. This is where my passion lives. I just want to be able to provide these people with the tools and the business skills that they can really. Basically it’s like doing a jigsaw without the picture. Sometimes they’ve got all this amazing passion and these amazing products, but I just can’t fit the jigsaw pieces altogether.

What does this really mean? You’re probably wondering, in a nutshell, I have an amazing online membership, which is just solely for eco-friendly business owners. It’s where I support you and help your business grow. Why this podcast then? Wwow, I have been wanting to do this podcast for well over 18 months, but like every single working mum out there, it’s a juggle finding that extra, very quiet time to an already overpacked schedule. I know you are listening to me out there. You will completely understand that, but then comes along this current health crisis and my life schedule changed. It changed so dramatically. Maybe I thought, why not just get started now, even though I have less time than I ever had before, and I now have to homeschool some of my children, but these are the times when you really just have to trust your gut instinct.

I brought forward my podcast launch and well, here we are, you’re listening to it. The point of my podcast is basically I want to give really passionate eco-friendly business owners, really actionable steps to gain more exposure for your sustainable business and all whilst juggling motherhood, because I’m right there, I’m in this with you. I completely understand what you’re going through. What I found when working with my members is that you can have an absolutely amazing product. As I said, an intense passion for making our world better, but sometimes it’s those business skills that we might never have run a business before. This is where it’s really hard to bring it in all together. I will be filling you in on all the challenges and steps in between that. I have taken over the years through my e-commerce eco-friendly business, as we move through these podcast episodes.

I think it’s a great starting point for you to understand who I am and why I’m so passionate about helping eco brands make a bigger impact. I am super excited to bring you along on this podcast journey, but you’re probably wondering what can you expect? Is this just another podcast? Well, you can expect to feel motivated. I want you to feel motivated by being able to control your own destiny. I want you to create the eco friendly business that you’ve always dreamed of. You can expect to feel educated. As business owners, we always need to keep up-skilling seriously. There is such a big shift, went from seriously. There is such a big shift from when we’re working in our business, rather than working on our business. Trust me, you need to develop a different skillset in order to take that business to the next level you can expect to feel inspired.

Inspiration is honestly the springboard for creativity. It facilitates the progress towards your goals. I want you to feel like that you can take on the world by doing something out of your comfort zone to grow your business. I am also going to be interviewing some amazing eco warriors and also some of my beautiful members of my membership who are already making huge impacts on our environment. I’m going to share their amazing stories and basically what’s led them on their journey to where. Now. I would love to share a quote with you before we round up my very first episode. Just take a quiet moment, small business isn’t for the fainthearted. It’s for the brave. It’s for the patient and the persistent. It’s for the overcomer. I’m going to let that sink in there for a moment. It’s amazing. Isn’t it. Now before I wrap up my very first episode, which I cannot believe I’m saying that’s just slightly exciting for me in between episodes.

If you’re wanting some more actionable steps for your eco-friendly business come, join me. I’ve got a really beautiful free Facebook group, which is solely for eco friendly brands. I just wanted a really beautiful, safe space where we can connect. There are some really amazing women in there. This is so inspiring. And basically we’re just joining hands.

We’re going to navigate through the small business journey with other beautiful eco souls that just get it. If you are wanting to come head over there and join us, just search for Coco Rose Eco community in the Facebook search bar, but I will also pop it down in the show notes. If you want to join us there. Now I just wanted to say a huge, thank you so much for tuning into the very first episode and a very warm welcome to our friendly community.

I absolutely look forward to supporting you in making more earth conscious choices in your business to ensure the healthy future for our planet, for our children. Now if you enjoyed this episode, be sure to take a screenshot, upload it to social media and tag me at Coco Rose Eco. I can give you a shout out also. Wow lovely. That’s all for me this week until next week, stay safe and I will speak to you. Thanks for listening. Lovely. Bye.

Thank you so much for joining in today’s episode of the sustainable shift podcast. If you enjoyed this episode, please make sure you hit the subscribe button. So you don’t miss any future episodes. And leave me a quick review. I’ll take you back 30 seconds. I would be ever so grateful and want to be friends because we’re not really friends unless we are Instagram friends, head over to Instagram and send me a DM at Coco Rose Eco.

Anyway, lovely. I hope you have an amazing day and I cannot wait to connect with you again soon. Thanks so much, lovely. Bye!


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ABOUT YOUR HOSTPetria Coco Rose Eco

Hi there, I’m Petria and thanks for joining me here.


As a busy Mum to four young children, and with a fly-in-fly-out husband, I understand the juggle between family, home life and work … there’s precious little time to spare. I know how tricky it can be to make the right eco-friendly choices for your family – that’s why I’ve created Coco Rose Eco.


Through seeking out the most sustainable choices for my own family, I’ve carefully selected beautiful, unique and eco-friendly Australian made products which I happily use for our family and give as quality gifts. I’m excited to share my knowledge of all things eco-friendly with you and this community.