Do you know your value or do you often doubt yourself? I believe one of the most important elements in any business is having the ability to truly understand your own value and your own self worth.  Knowing exactly what skills, abilities and previous experience you bring to the entrepreneur table gives you an amazing edge.

As an entrepreneur who does good for the environment, somewhere along the line I find we get lost and don’t feel that we can firstly charge for our product or services or secondly don’t change anywhere near enough to cover costs let alone pay yourself a wage! 

When you can charge the right amount for your business, without any hesitation or wavering, it means you know your worth and honour yourself enough to ask for it.  The thing is if you don’t know your value, or own your worth and you don’t ask to be paid accordingly for it, nobody wins.  And especially not our planet, our environment or the community we want to help and give back to.

That’s why I wanted to invite Kat Luckock onto the Podcast today.  Kat is the Social Entrepreneur Coach & an Impact Strategist, she helps social entrepreneurs (and purpose driven business owners) achieve their vision for social + environmental change by helping them build a sustainable trading income, overcome money blocks and attract ready-to-buy customers. After 13 years designing and delivering social impact programmes, as well as setting up and leading an award winning social enterprise, Kat is passionate about business being a force for good but recognises the limitations to this if we don’t address some fundamental beliefs that exist in the business-for-good sphere, particularly amongst female social entrepreneurs. 


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