Today we are going to talk about something that is the most powerful tool to transform your business.  Mindset – Change this and you change everything.

I would even be brave enough to say that Mindset is the single most important thing to work on when you’re starting a business and throughout your whole business journey.

As you grow your positive entrepreneur mindset you are able to invest in making the experience and the transformations even bigger for yourself and your gorgeous customers.

When you grow, you learn, when you do better, you will be able to serve at the highest level…and the ripple effects of that? It’s beyond anything we will ever know or understand.

It doesn’t matter where you are, if you are new to learning about your mindset or if you are experienced in practising.  Training your mind to focus on the positive has been proven to have both physical and psychological benefits.

You have the:

  • The Power to choose how you react 
  • The power to choose what I think 
  • The power to choose your next step 
  • The power to choose what to do now
  • The Power to choose to step up and serve 

And I know you don’t want your mindset to stand in the way of your amazing life anymore 

The good news?

There’s a simple process for shifting your mindset from scarcity to wildly abundant, growth mindset!




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PETRIA: Welcome to the Sustainable Shift Podcast by your host Petria Leggo-Field. This podcast is dedicated to helping your eco-business make a bigger impact, become more visible and make more sales. In this podcast, we will cover actionable steps to gain more exposure for your sustainable and ethically focused small business all whilst juggling motherhood. Consider this your go-to community of people who just get it and leave each episode feeling educated, inspired and most of all motivated. So grow with me as I support your mission, shift you into gear and help shift the world in an ecofriendly way with the next episode of the Sustainable Shift Podcast.

Hello, lovely, welcome back to another episode of the Sustainable Shift Podcast, or if you are new here, hello welcome thank you so much for listening. For those new listeners, my name is Petria and I am the founder of the Coca Rose community.

Now, this episode is going to be different than usual, and this is because I’m going to share with you a few of the personal changes that I have been going through and how it has honestly been the biggest game-changer in my business. It’s literally directly influenced the business you see or hear in front of you today. Now, before I jump into today’s episode, I do have something else that I’m a little bit excited to share with you. This is the first time I have decided to offer this, but I am going to be launching a three-part free masterclass series that I have put together just for you and your eco-friendly business. I am so super excited about this I would love for you to come over and join the three-part masterclass series will be starting on Monday the 3rd of August 2020. It is loaded with eco strategies and insights on how you can run a successful and sustainable business.

Now, you’ll also get to learn the six-step eco success journey to create an impact, help you get more visible and of course make more sales. I would love to invite you to pop over to the show notes you will find all the information there and the links for you to pop your name down because, in this three-part masterclass series, you’re really going to learn how to increase your visibility right now, so you can begin to attract your dream eco customers. You are going to finally know the foundations for your eco-business that is guaranteed to create a ripple effect that is going to last generations. You are going to understand how to design your own ethical business that really aligns with your unique essence and your purposeful business. Lastly, but most importantly, you are going to know exactly what you have to do in order to start to grow and to scale a six-figure ethical business and beyond.

Now, I know you’re busy I know that’s it’s why I’ve made these masterclasses even more actionable than ever. I really invite you to come over there and join us and pop your names down on the link in the show notes and also mark it your calendar. Don’t forget there is going to be bonus workbooks for these to really make it actionable for you. When you discover these classes, you are going to be walking away with such clarity on how you can make a bigger impact. So I am super excited if you can’t tell I think it’s one of those things in business when you do something new, you always have those, I don’t know if you feel those butterfly feelings, you’re on the right track. I would love you to come and join us, it’s going to be amazing and I am really going to take you behind the scenes and just share how you can get your eco-business to make that impact right away and how you can create so much success.

You can have a successful and sustainable business, as I said, pop down to the show notes and I will see you on Monday the 3rd. All right, let’s jump into today’s episode because as I said, I’m going to be talking about something that has been the single most important thing in my business and in my personal life and this powerful tool is going to transform your business. Now, you’re probably thinking, okay Petria just tell me what it is. Its mindset honestly if you can change your mindset you can change everything. As you grow your positive entrepreneur mindset you are going to be able to invest in making the experience and making the transformations even bigger for yourself and for your customers. Now, by changing your mindset you are going to grow, you’re going to learn, you’re going to be able to do things differently and do things better.

You’re going to be able to serve at the highest level and the ripple effects of that, oh my goodness, it is beyond anything you’ll ever know or understand. Now, it doesn’t matter where you are maybe you’re new to learning about your mindset, maybe this is the first time you have ever even listened to a podcast episode about mindset. You’re probably thinking how does this relate to my eco-friendly business, but stay with me because honestly, this has just changed my whole life, if I’m actually being honest, it’s not just my business, it’s my whole life. Or if you are experienced in practising, keep listening because training your mind to focus on the positive has been proven to have such amazing physical and psychological benefits as well. Now, I’m not just talking about having some motivational quotes around your house, but these are important as well. There are so many mindset skills and attributes required for success as an entrepreneur and fortunately, most of them can be learned. They can be nourished and they can be strengthened and they are going to grow.

Mindset shifts that you need to make so you can look in their mirror and you can say, you know what I can have a successful eco-business, I do have what it takes to make an impact. I don’t care if there’s 10 other eco businesses that sell the exact same product as me, I am the only one who can sell it like I do as I’m unique to my business. I want to make that huge impact, I’m going to take that leap and I’m going to give it a shot. Now, I want you to be able to say that honestly and I want you to be able to say that and believe that and this is a reason why I wanted to talk to you about it today because honestly, this has been the biggest change I’ve seen in my business and I really want to communicate how important it is.

I have found quite often so many eager entrepreneurs miss this stage and then they wonder why things aren’t quite working as well or as quickly in their business. Where did this all start for me? Okay, I’m going to rewind the clock and I’m going to tell you of a story. So previous to this business, I had an interior store where I imported eco-friendly and ethically made furniture from Indonesia. I was very lucky to work with a business coach for the first couple of months of my business. When we were working together, we set the goal, I say we, because I agreed to this, to be earning $100,000 in my first year. Now previous to this, I was a florist and florists don’t earn a lot of money but the passion and the creative sense that I loved, it was just something that I did out of love.

Now, going from quite a low retail rate essentially to $100,000 seemed completely unachievable. Let me tell you a bit of a secret we didn’t make $100,000 that month or that year I should say, not even a month. It’s only now a couple of years later where I completely understand money mindset and the mindset shifts that I was never going to make that because I didn’t believe that I would make that money. If you don’t believe it, how on earth are your customers going to believe that or your clients go to believe that. The work that I’m doing now, it honestly started when I wanted to work on my money mindset, I decided about 18 months ago that I actually want to make a wage for my business, hands up how many small business owners don’t pull a wage yet, I didn’t for a very long time and I wanted to be able to have that freedom to support my family as well.

This was honestly the start of this huge shift in my life and money mindset was just the tip of the iceberg. Now, if you’re looking for some books to read, head over and purchase or download an audible copy of Denise Duffield Thomas I’ve read all of her books she is amazing, give her a follow on Instagram. She can honestly give you so many tools just from the books to really start changing your money mindset. If you are looking for a podcast episode go and check out Manifestation Babe because these are literally how I started to change my money mindset. Now, fast forward quite a while I am much further down this path where I am now leaning more into my spiritual side and really trying to understand what this bigger purpose of why is and where it’s leading me.

I can honestly say that I am so excited about where this is going so watch this space because there is going to be lots more of that kind of topics dipping into our podcast here. I wanted to bring it back down to the mindset is that you really have to believe that you can make a difference in this world and you have to believe it with every part of your soul that you are going to be able to make this work. If I’m just looking at the money mindset I have a new money goal for this business for this year, yes it’s probably been the most craziest year in our lifetime we’ll ever see. But I can tell you I 100% believe that I will hit this goal. Do you believe that you’ll hit your revenue goal? If you have any thoughts or anything that just popped up when I mentioned this or maybe even just speaking about money is making you feel a bit icky.

Honestly, this is when you can tell that you’ve got a bit of money blocks that are coming up and this is where you’ve got some limiting beliefs or values that you might need to actually work on before you be able to really invest in making your business be as successful as it is. Money isn’t icky, money shouldn’t make you feel any other feelings, it’s just energy, and it’s just zeros in a bank account. Money mindset might be a whole other topic, but that was honestly we’re it, my mindset work really started was from going from the money side. Now, having a proper success mindset because that’s what you need as an entrepreneur you need to have a successful entrepreneur mindset. This is really going to enable you to deal more effectively in your day to day business and you will be able to begin thinking and acting like a true entrepreneur.

This is what you were born to do everything that’s happened in your life so far has led you to this moment. You might be sitting there going okay, Patria, how on earth do I even know if my mindset is a positive mindset or a success mindset or where do we even start? Now, anything that you believe to be the truth now comes from your values and your beliefs. Now, these values and these beliefs are deeply rooted in her belief system. Believe me, the more work that I’m doing delving into my own, it’s just crazy some of the things that keep coming up. They’re from childhood everything that we learn to be a value or a belief we get when we are zero to seven years old. So that’s pretty crazy, I’m 34 so a long time has passed since that time. So things that an authority figure may have told us so it could have been a parent figure or a teacher or maybe just someone or grandparent, anyone that was the authority to you as a child might have thrown a comment out and whether it was true or not, you’ve taken it as fact.

Now I’ll tell you of a funny story, it was only up to how many years, about three years ago, where my husband believed that the white bit on watermelon was poisonous, it is not poisonous, we did some Googling once this actually come up. But at some point in his life, one his parents or someone of his authority had told him to not eat the white bit because it was poisonous. If you just never questioned it or you might not even think about it, this is where all of our values and beliefs come from when we are children and this is also where fears can come.

Once you are able to overcome these fears and really take them on and challenge them, once you do this, you are going to succeed so much. Now, I’m going to share a couple of the fears and the mindset shifts that I had to go through to really get to where I am now. This is not to say that I’m finished working through fears or maybe I have different fears that come up but it’s the journey. The biggest part is that you’ve really taken off your rose coloured glasses and can really start to delve into you and what makes you work because once you really understand that, you could understand how to make your business work. So let me know, feel free to send me a DM on Instagram, if any of these resonate with you, so I am @cocoroseeco if you do want to come over there and say hi.

But my first fear was fear of failure, have you ever felt this? So often we are afraid to go all-in and this fear of failure keeps us from fully committing. We allow fear to stop our forward progress in life and this often means we’re likely to miss some of the greatest opportunities along the way. I’m going to tell you something I had quite a few business plans before my businesses that you see today. It always got to the point that I would come up with every single excuse that you could think of as to why to not start a business. The thing that made me change a few years ago when I did my interiors business was the birth of my third child. Something just flipped. I was like no I am going to do this I am going to have a business I was not meant to work for someone else. Have you ever felt fear of failure or maybe you felt fear of criticism? This fear can keep people really stuck by not speaking up and sharing your ideas whether this is on your socials or your newsletter or maybe at a market, you’ll never ever grow your business.

People won’t know your thoughts and they will have no reason to even recognize your worth or your amazing products or the impact that you’re making. I know it’s really safe to remain quiet I was there, but being safe certainly doesn’t get you any further than you are right now. Now, my next one was a fear that I’m not good enough, have you felt this? Self-doubt can be a mountain to overcome and we know our flaws and we know our shortcomings better than anyone else. Sometimes that dark fear can really linger in the back of our minds, so what if I’m not good enough? So this is imposter syndrome if you haven’t heard of that pop onto Google and have a little look, but it can hold you back so many times when you constantly striving for this unattainable level of perfectionism. I am a classic overachiever, perfectionist and still to this day I keep fighting with myself to work through it because these things have just been imprinted in my brain.

If I can work through this, I know you can because if you want to have more abundance in your business and to really have more abundance in your life and start changing your mindset, this is why in the Coca Rose community my monthly membership for eco businesses. This is the first module that my members go through its mindset because I want my members to really truly make a difference in this world. To do this, you need to work on your mindset because if you have a limited mindset or a scarcity mindset, what kind of results do you think you’ll get limited results. See my first business this is where I was at but how about you work on yourself and work on your mindset and do some personal self-development with an abundant positive and growth mindset. Oh my goodness, lovely, the world is your oyster.

It’s going to rewire your brain and you could have so many new thoughts, you might find yourself thinking I can learn anything that I want to or feedback is constructive, challenges help me grow, I like to try new things, I’m inspired by the success of others. These are the thoughts that I see and hear through my mind now. I love when I see another business owner or another podcast person be successful. Yes, there might have been some limiting beliefs or fears or jealousy that pops up at that first thought. When you actually unpack it and work through your emotions you can be inspired by the success of others. I love seeing revenue goals of business owners that they’ve hit $50K, $100K months these might have been unachievable. Now, they’re completely achievable but you have to believe in yourself and you really have to believe in your business.
You have to be resilient and you have to be able to believe that your business is the next best thing, the idea that you have, you are enough and you can have a successful eco-business. Focus on these thoughts, any thoughts that are holding you back from taking your business to the next level, you can start this process by just doing a little activity and having a pen and paper handy or even opening up the notes section in your phone and start writing down thoughts that come to you when you’re in a difficult situation or just recognizing that thoughts are going through your head. As I said, so my biggest start or my mindset with my money mindset and I was telling you to read the books of Denise Duffield Thomas, she really helped with this.

But I didn’t realise that my parents’ divorce that happened when I was 12 I think grade seven, had a huge impact on my money mindset. So much so that when my first husband and I divorced, I made the same mistake with my divorce payout, exactly the same, but I didn’t remember my Mum doing what she did with her money. Not that it was bad or wasteful is just, I did the exact same thing and it wasn’t until I questioned her I’m like, oh my goodness why? It was so crazy because once I started to unpack this on paper I could really see that these beliefs just were not serving me. They weren’t able, making m able to serve my customers and they were definitely holding me back from creating the business that I wanted. I wanted financial freedom, I wanted a successful and sustainable business, and I wanted to know that my family were taken care of. I wanted to play a bigger game and I wanted to create a ripple effect on our planet that all the future generations will feel.

Now, if you want that as well, I’m to tell you that you have the power to choose how you react, you have the power to choose what you think and you have the power to choose your next step. You have the power to choose what you do now and you have the power to step up and serve. I know that you don’t want your mindsets to stand in the way of your amazing life anymore. The good news lovely is that there’s a really simple process for shifting your mindset from a scarcity mindset to an absolutely wildly abundant growth mindset. As I said, this will be the first module that we’ll be walking through in the Coca Rose community when the doors open up for the last time for 2020. The doors will be opening on the 10th of August and I would love for you to enjoy the community.

I would love for you to be after grow your business and I’d love to invite you to pop your name down on the waitlist. As always, you can find any of our show notes, the links in the show notes down below. Now, before we wrap this up I just wanted to let you know that think of this as a new beginning. It’s not just about becoming a new version of yourself it’s about having the right mindset and exploring how you want to feel every single day, because I can see your potential and I can see your talents. Now is the time to be brave and explore them and really and really lean into the Coca Rose community because this community and these mindset lessons are really going to take your business to new levels. When you do that, you will realize your capabilities and you’re going to be able to celebrate your uniqueness. You’re going to feel confident and you are going to feel empowered.

In the famous words of Denise Duffield Thomas, it’s your time and you are ready for the next step. Now, I really hope that by sharing my journey so far about my mindset and my money mindset and how it has honestly been the single most important thing that I have worked on and still am working on in my business. I hope you can see how important it is in your business journey and throughout your whole business journey and your personal life. As you grow your positive entrepreneur mindset you are going to be able to invest in making the right decisions for your business. You are going to be able to experience transformations even bigger for yourself and your customers. Now, don’t forget to also pop your name down for the three-part masterclass series starting on Monday 3rd of August,

If you have forgotten it is going to be loaded with so many amazing eco strategies and insights on how to run a successful and sustainable eco-business. You’ll learn the six-step eco success journey to create an impact and get more visible and make more sales. Lovely, that’s a wrap for this week’s podcast episode. Let me know if you liked this one. As I said, it’s slightly different to what I have been doing, but I hope that it has helped to place a few seeds for you and you can walk away and just start to feel empowered that you can actually do such amazing things for our environment.

As always pop over to Instagram, come and say hi, send me a DM. Let me know any of your biggest takeaways and until next week I’ll chat to you soon, bye, lovely.

Thank you so much for joining in today’s episode of the Sustainable Shift Podcast. If you enjoyed this episode, please make sure you hit the subscribe button so you don’t miss any future episodes and leave me a quick review it’ll take you about 30 seconds. I would be ever so grateful and want to be friends because we’re not really friends unless we are Instagram friends, so head over to Instagram and send me DM @cocoroseeco. Anyway lovely I hope you have an amazing day and I cannot wait to connect with you again soon. Thanks so much, lovely bye.


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