What do event speeches, spontaneous road trips and social media marketing have in common?

Well, you could be that person who likes to wing it, and do some improvising on the spot. But we all know that will a little thought, care and a plan for the bigger picture that this is truly where the magic happens with your ethical social media marketing strategy. I know you are a business with a mission to do good for our planet and the people, I know that your mission is much, much bigger then just making a successful and sustainable business who makes a beautiful profit. You want to leave a ripple on our planet, a legacy that is talked about in future generations.

As an Eco Entrepreneur using social media to grow your business you have the power to inspire and be the spark that your community needs to take action on making a difference on our planet.

You have the power to uplift your tribe, you don’t need to make them fearful of the terrible plight our world is in. Instead you can do the opposite and show them that they aren’t too small to make a ripple effect and each and every sustainable action they take in their business is for the greater good.

You can be the connector and help your audience create new friendships, new communities and discover like minded people that want to have the same sustainable lifestyle.

You can help your community feel like they are one, that they are truly understood you know exactly why they feel so passionate about making a difference on our planet.

You can confidently use your voice on social media to create the change you want to see on our planet.

The hardest thing about heart centered, content marketing is – thinking about all the ideas for content marketing. Wouldn’t it be better if you could:

  • Grow your brand & generate income whilst also serving our your earths mission
  • Know exactly what to post online to engage & grow your sustainable audience
  • Have strategic done-for-you prompts and engagement boosting content ideas
  • Raise the awareness of your mission and brand and get in front of the right people?
  • Plan weeks/months worth of content in a fraction of the time it’s currently taking you

Well there is! In this blog post you’ll learn how a Content Calendar for your eco conscious brand is the key to amplifying your impact on our environment, creating an engaged tribe and strengthening your brand-audience relationship of people who feel connected to your purpose and your passion all whilst generating more sales, more leads and more clients?

What is a Social Media Calendar?

Firstly I should clarify what a Social Media Content Calendar is exactly, according to CoSchedule ‘Social Media calendars are a document that is used to schedule posts in advance, they are used to plan when and which content will be shared’

In our words, it’s exactly how it sounds. A Calendar that is used to help you become more organised and consistent and to stay on top of your ethical marketing strategy.

Benefits using a Social Media Calendar

We’re all so busy running our sustainable businesses, I get it, sometimes social media just feels like another one of those things that’s on our never ending to-do list. But just imagine how amazing it would feel if you had a content plan that enabled you to connect with your eco audience and build trust!

If you haven’t ever thought about using a heart centered, Social Media Calendar, you will want to keep reading because there are a few benefits:

Saving you time so you can do the work that really lights you up and makes the impact on our planet. You’ll have more time to focus and free up so much of your time because you no longer see or use social media as a ‘have to do’ but instead of a powerful tool to leverage for a bigger impact

Allows you to not lose sight of the bigger picture and plan content your audience wants to see. When using social media it’s important to look at your insights and analyze what your top performing content is. That way you can plan and strategize for future content your tribe will love.

Helps ease the stress and overwhelm solopreneurs feel when trying to juggle all the balls. There is so much information out there and it can feel confusing and frustrating. No one likes those feelings when the pop up, but with an ethical content plan it eliminates these.

Helps you maintain consistency with your online presence. It’s not a myth that eco businesses that have a social media strategy succeed more so than other businesses that don’t. Your audience loves to see your presence online and with a strategy you can tailor your content for them. Showing up online helps to build an authentic community effortlessly, instead of trying to chase them.

Who are Social Media Calendars for?

The 365 Days Content Calendar is designed for any product or service based Sustainable Business. Each of the content prompts, ideas and strategies can be applied to any ethical business that is ready to make an impact on our planet. It’s not just a regurgitation of general social media practices, it’s what I have been using personally to grow my own business Coco Rose Eco on Instagram.

It not just tips, I’m teaching you tools and knowledge, it’s creating Mindset shifts to build your own successful and sustainable business. You hold the power of your social media account, not the algorithm and you can show up how ever you like.

How to use a Social Media Calendar?

Taking the time to batch create your content is a great time saving tool. We recommend at the start of each month, block out time in your calendar, sit down with a coffee or your herbal tea and create, plan and schedule your content. We use and recommend the planning tool Planoly. You’ll save yourself hours by doing this instead of posting a quick, not thought out, on the fly post.

It’s important to regularly check in with your insights and statistics once you have the ball rolling with your Sustainable Content Calendar to check what you audience is engaged with most. Your insights will also tell you what time and days is best to post, and with these insights you can make tweaks and adjustments to your posts and visuals.

You have the power put back in your hands, so you can more forward and know that your social media is aligned with your big vision goals to make an impact. You are taking the stress and guess work out of social media and you never have to stress or worry about what to post, because Social Media can actually be FUN!

Want to learn the benefits of using Instagram Reels in your Ethical Marketing Strategy? We break it down for you in this Podcast Episode.

Marketing doesn’t have to be icky, I encourage you to think of it this way. You have a product or service that helps your tribe, it solves a worry or problem in their life, they WANT specifically YOU and what you have to offer.

You could have a service that helps an ethical business owner fix Problem A and Problem B, or you could host an ethical retreat for women wanting to reconnect to their bigger mission, or you could have a piece of recycled art that uplifts someone’s spirit. This is where Social Media comes in, you have to actually share what you have to offer and you can in a way that is authentic and effective.

The Social Media Content Calendar is for heart centred, eco entrepreneurs you want to become more visible and make a bigger impact.

The good news? We’ve already done all the hard work by creating you a downloadable 2021 Sustainable Content Calendar for Success tailored just for ethical, heart centred eco entrepreneurs like yourself.

Remember, every single eco entrepreneur you admire started as someone with no followers and no engagement, but with a heart full of passion and a dedication to making a ripple effect on our environment they have built beautiful tribes online. And you can too!

Social Media doesn’t have to be a bore, nor does it have to be just another one of those things ‘you have to do’. Social media is a powerful machine and when you use it properly it can amplify your impact on our planet.

A content calendar with 365 content marketing prompts for you to download every time a content block pops up to say hi and you think “what on earth and I going to share today?”

Think of this as like your little Green Book – a book that will save you countless hours and lots of head scratching and is guaranteed to have you getting more visible and making a bigger impact.

Each day is a prompt of what to post or talk about, and the best bit? It’s tailored just for Ethical Business Owners who have connected their passion and purpose

I know you are ready to save your valuable time and become more visible online. Grab your copy of the Sustainable Content Calendar here to start making an impact.

And in the words of Marie Forelo “the world need that special gift that only you have”.

P.S If you know of another heart centered, eco entrepreneur who would benefit from this in their business, feel free to share it via the social share buttons below. Thanks Lovely!


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As a busy Mum to four young children, and with a fly-in-fly-out husband, I understand the juggle between family, home life and work … there’s precious little time to spare. I know how tricky it can be to make the right eco-friendly choices for your family – that’s why I’ve created Coco Rose Eco.


Through seeking out the most sustainable choices for my own family, I’ve carefully selected beautiful, unique and eco-friendly Australian made products which I happily use for our family and give as quality gifts. I’m excited to share my knowledge of all things eco-friendly with you and this community.