Christmas is one of the biggest Waste seasons of the year! In today’s episode I chat to 3 of my gorgeous Gift Guide Members about their top Sustainable Christmas Tips that are so easy that you can do them at home yourself!

The Ultimate Eco Friendly Christmas Gift Guide has over 35  incredible businesses, leading the fight for a healthier world and we have brought them to you in a simple, one stop solution that connects thoughtful consumers with like-minded ethical businesses looking to make change.


Gift Guide Live 4th November


Happy Planet Toys is the first business in Australia to create toys from 100% recycled Australian milk bottles.  The business was started by mum-of-three, Miranda, after feeling conflicted about buying her children new toys because of the environmental impact and waste. Knowing she wasn’t alone, Miranda started Happy Planet Toys, creating unique Australian toys with fun characters and functionality, to spark imaginations and inspire sustainably-minded Aussie kids.

Connect with Miranda from Happy Planet Toys 


Pod Star is an Australian business on a mission to eliminate waste by providing lifetime quality reusable products to replace single-use and plastic.  They are the makers of Pod Star reusable coffee pods. To date, Pod Star customers are saving 5 shipping containers of coffee pods waste every 365 days.

Connect with Kirsten from Podstar 


On top of being a qualified early childhood educator I am also part of my family business: Susan Hogan Agencies. Susan Hogan being my mum who has run her agency for over 20 years in Sydney, representing various women’s fashion and accessories labels, always with a passion for sustainable and ethically made fashion. We both share this passion and this is what lead us to Swedish Stockings Conscious Pantyhose – the world’s first sustainable label of hosiery – which we are really proud to bring to the Australian market. We distribute Swedish Stockings on a wholesale level throughout Australia and New Zealand and we also have our online boutique Sustainable Hosiery & Essentials Australia. Our fashion philosophy is centred around the importance of building a sustainable wardrobe which is made up of classic, versatile, good quality pieces made from eco-friendly materials. 

Connect with Susan from Sustainable Hosiery & Essentials Australia
Instagram: @sustainable_hosiery
Pinterest: sustainablehosieryaustralia
Facebook: @SustainableHosiery


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