Today my guest is Nancy from Nancy J Designs. She is going to bust a few common sustainability packaging myths for eco friendly products. Because I know there are so many sustainable brands who are really striving to make a bigger impact on our planet but just aren’t quite sure when to start when it comes to packaging.

Your ethical consumers maybe are asking “is this packaging paper made from recycled materials?” or  “Is this ink in your packaging soy based?” It’s really surprising how many people take the time to find out more about what they are purchasing! 

During this episode Nancy is also going to discuss:

  • Trends and new products in the eco packaging world 
  • Shed some light on different sustainable and recyclable packaging symbols 
  • Share advice on how you can start changing your packaging today! 

If you want to be inspired and learn more about why it’s important to package your ethical products with sustainable packaging solutions rather than conventional ‘normal’ plastic products then this is the episode for you.


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