How do you make sure your business is doing as much as possible to create an impact on our environment? In my Free Facebook Eco Community, I’ve been talking a lot about why it’s so important to always think, people, profit, and the planet always when you are making decisions for your business.

Today I chat about why having it doesn’t matter where you are in your business that you can create an Impact. These tools are going to help you create a BIG impact on the environment, engage your audience organically, build trust and relationship with your customers, maybe even make you some extra sales.


Featured In The Episode:

  • Which Sustainable Development goal is right for your business 
  • How to Create an Ethical Marketing Plan 
  • How to attract customers with your Impact 
  • Why you need an Impact Page on your website


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In this podcast, we will cover actionable steps to gain more exposure for your sustainable and ethically focused, small business all whilst juggling motherhood. Consider this your goto community of people who just get it and leave each episode feeling educated, inspired, and most of all motivated. Grow with me as I support your mission, shift you into gear and help shift the world in an ecofriendly way with the next episode of the sustainable shift podcast. I know about you, but when I started my ethical business, I would have loved to have had a conversation with someone who just got it. Someone who just understood why being ethical was so important to me, like, I mean my family and friends were beautiful and supportive and really encouraging, but I just didn’t understand what I was trying to create. 

I really believe that something changes when you switch on the entrepreneurial light bulb in your brain. You think I really wished that I had just one place to go where I could really learn step by step. Just what I had to do instead of reading every single free blog there was on the internet, hands up. If you are one of these people that just love reading free blogs, okay, now you can put your hands down. I really knew that I needed the support system. I knew I needed a safe space where I could ask questions to other like minded, eco souls. I really wanted to feel connected all whilst rowing my business. I wanted my business to be really visible. I wanted to increase my income. Yes yes, that’s right. I’m going to talk about money. I actually wanted to take away instead of just reinvesting every single cent back into my business. 

These reasons are exactly why I created the Coco Rose Eco membership. It’s a place where you can connect with other eco business founders. You can ask some questions and you can really learn. We supported coaching and upskill at the same time with the full support of an eco community who just get it. They understand, they know why you’re doing this. Now, doors are opening very soon. Actually the 16th June, I would love to welcome you in as a founding member. You are probably wondering what’s the benefits of being a founding member. Well not only do you actually get to help grow and shape the membership for future members, but you also get to enjoy the lifetime locked in price for as long as you retain a member. Yep. That’s right. Your price is never going to change. If you come, if someone else comes in a year’s time, your price will be your price and they will have a different price because you took that jump to be a founding member. 

It’s a special way that I can thank you for supporting my business and helping my eco business dreams come true. Now I’m going to pop all the links needed to full the show notes, to sign up as a VIP. You descend on the VIP wait list because just between you and me, I want to let you know that I am giving all businesses on the waitlist, some extra special bonuses, just exclusively to the waitlist ladies like yourself. Remember 16th of June, the opening of the eco membership. I’d love for you to come over there and join and grow your business, help you gain more exposure and really create that impact that you’ve really been wanting to create. Let’s change our earth. Let’s do this together. Yes, 16th of June, remember all the links will be in the show notes for your sign up. Lovely. 

All right, now I’ve got out of the way. Let’s get into today’s episode and trust me, this one is a good one. Today. We’re going to be chatting about 10 must do actions to make magic in your ethical business. Trust me, you need to be doing these. These ones are something that are really important, and they’re really going to set these foundations for your business for now and inform many years to come. Now it doesn’t matter where you are at in your business. It doesn’t matter at all. These tools are going to help you create a big impact. You are going to be able to engage your audience organically. So no paid Facebook ads. You’re going to be able to build trust in relationships with your customers. Maybe you might even make some more money, which is great. This is what you need. This is why you’re in business. 

Isn’t it. I also want to touch on this. After I go through these 10 pieces, I want you to go and grab your calendar. I really want you to commit to sitting down with it and scheduling some time to put these tools into motion. Don’t just put this on the never ending to do list. I want you to be able to at least schedule these 10 phases. You can have a look at your business and make sure that you join all these 10 and make it a priority. I know life gets busy. I have my four children and my husband is still working away. I know that it’s like to be busy, but this is really important. When it goes into your calendar, it makes it where you it’s something true it’s going to happen. Make sure you schedule some time, definitely uninterrupted times possibly when your children are asleep. 

I want you to get really clear on what you want. I want you to build these eco strategies so you know what you’re working towards. If you want to grab a checklist that really supports and helps you implement these 10 must do actions, I have got you covered also. Just head over to, and you can get your own eco checklist and make sure that you bring this magic to life into your business. This is important. You’ve got to do this. Again, and download your checklist. Now let’s get into it. I’m super excited to share these 10 must do actions. Honestly they are a must do. These are non negotiable. If you and your eco business want to be making that impact, you need to be doing these in your business. 

Number one, have a clear sustainability goal. This will give you the roadmap you need to follow. I want you to avoid really vague goals as they begin to really confuse you. I don’t want you to be confused and they’re going to act as a speed bump. I want you to really keep coming down to these three things. Think profit, think people and think planet, they all intertwine. You need to find that intersection that is a sweet spot for your business. I would love you to hit over and do a little Google search and have a look at SDGs or otherwise known as the sustainable development goals adopted by the United nations in 2015. Their hope is that all people, all governments and businesses are following these goals by 2030. Now, that’s not that far away. I looked back at my last year or last 10 years, and I feel like I blinked. 

Now suddenly we’re in 2020, so it’s only 10 years away, but these 17 goals are amazing. I’m not going to repeat them because I always forget a couple. Jump onto Google, go have a look. I want you to really look and see which ones really suit your business. 

Number two, I want you to create a sustainable business plan. It’s something you, as a business owner, you need to develop to achieve these goals. If you really want to create that financial and society and environmental impact, you need to have a sustainable business plan. I don’t mind if it’s a one page plan it’s basically got out of your head onto paper. It’s real. This is what’s going to make your business grow because you could keep coming back to it. It’s like, hang on a minute. What was I working towards? Or where do I want to be? Because you’ve got to have those goals and you’ve got to have those action steps to lead you to your goals. 

Your business can then impact all those communities. Your business can impact all these courses and charities that you support. It helps with resources and the number one reason it helps our planet. It helps our environment. If you’re a little business, I shouldn’t say little, actually your business. If your business is working towards a bigger impact, the whole world is going to benefit. It doesn’t matter how big or how small you are. There are millions of businesses in this world. That’s millions of chances to make that impact. Now, number three, have an ethical marketing plan. This ensures that the needs are real and your products meet those needs. It’s really effective because customers basically have the benefits or they need the benefits. Your business becomes attractive to the earth. Your business becomes attractive to conscious consumers and it raises your brands. Value. People are watching, whether you think they’re watching or not, people are watching what you’re doing. 

If you can start to have a really beautiful, clear marketing plan with a really ethical, genuine, twist on it, I’ll say your consumers are watching and they’re going to be understanding the value of your brand to them is going to rise. They’re becoming really conscious of brands and what they’re doing. And how people have been watching. I saw a little Facebook meme the other day, and there was sustainability or how to live a more sustainable life has gone up by like 700 and something percent. There’s a lot of people out there that are wanting to make changes. This is where you need to really step up and have that really clear ethical marketing plan. 

Now number four, I think I’m up to, I would love for you to offset the carbon footprint of your business. 

Yeah it does. It’s not something hard to do. Honestly it might take you two minutes to do it, and it’s going to make a new impact. It compensates all your emissions by funding and offsetting environmental project, and basically just balances out your business footprint. Again it doesn’t matter how big or little you are. The thing is, are you doing it? Remember millions of small businesses can create a big footprint. Now there’s heaps of ways to do it. I love it. You’ve just got to, again, jump on to Google, have a little look. Personally, I really love to plant trees. I just think we’re not doing it enough. Whether it be worldwide, or if we’re just looking at Australia, there was a lot of forest destroyed in our Bushfires early this year. So that’s why I love planting trees. If you do come on to be one of my founding members, that’s what I do. 

I actually donate trees as well as part of my ethical marketing plan. I donate two, 1% for the planet. I also love to plant trees for each member that comes on board. All these things are all intertwined, the impact and your business, everything it’s all combined together. 

Now number five, attract your customers with your impact. You’re probably thinking, how do I do that? So more and more customers are really becoming aware of just human impact that our earth faces. A recent study found that about 66% of people are willing to pay more, who are sustainable goods? How amazing is that? And especially if your ideal audience is your gen X or gen Y, this is opening up a whole new market because these are the first couple of generations that are coming through and they are conscious consumers. Or there is a lot of conscious consumers compared to say, my parents era, or even my grandparents era, this wasn’t even a thing. 

Whereas the consumers coming through, they are very aware of what’s happening. Let alone, when our children come through. I’ve got a 11 year old, five-year-old, three year old and one year old. They’re the reason why I’m doing this, these guys, my kids, they’re going to be the ones that are going to be living in our earth. If you, haven’t got a better reason to start looking at implementing these things into your business, just open that up the door and look at your children when they’re sleeping. They’re your reason. They’re the reason why you need to make an impact by implementing these 10 phases. You’re going to do that. You are a hundred percent going to do that. Now consumers are really preferring to purchase from businesses that are taking sustainable steps and hold really similar values to themselves. It’s becoming really aligned. Now the values and beliefs of your consumers are probably pretty similar to your personal and probably business values and beliefs. 

Now I’m up to number six, I’m losing my step. Can you tell me I probably need more sleep. I’m a mum. I’m forever chasing sleep. I think maybe if I could just get maybe eight hours solid sleep just once a week. I think I’d have that lovely feeling of being revitalized. The next step I want you to choose a charity or a cause that supports your business values and purpose. Why, again, you’re probably asking, well, supporting a charity is really rewarding way to give back to your community. Do you research, there are loads to choose from. You can look down the environmental path, wildlife path, educational medical. Yeah. And the list is long. Basically I want you to do a brainstorm, get it out of your head, do a bit of research, put it all on paper. I want you to choose one that aligns with you and your business values and your goals. 

You can look back up to your sustainable business plan. I’m sure you’re going to get lots of hints and tips of where your values are in there. I want you to choose one that your business is passionate about. That’s really important. 

Okay. The next step, we’re going to do a packaging audit and make the changes where needed packaging is so important. As I said, consumers, they’re watching everything that you’re doing. If you’ve got this amazing eco product and you ship it with a eco, career company. Sendle is the one that is the sustainable delivery company. What if your package turned up in a full plastic mailer with a full plastic bag that it was shipped from the supplier to? What do you think your consumer is going to think? Really put yourself in their shoes. They go, hang on. What’s going on here now? Don’t be scared if there is still some plastic or some recyclable things in your products, you’re on a journey. 

The biggest thing I want you to do is start to make those changes. If you’ve ordered a hundred mailers and they’re still in the plastic, send them still send them, but maybe probably in a little note there and let your customer know that these plastic mailers can be recycled. If they just take it down to red cycle. Outside Coles and Woolworths, you’ll see these bins out there. It’s where all the soft plastics go. Maybe you could do that. Just put a little note in there. Still use up what you have, but then your next order, maybe you can order those home compostable mailer packs. it’s just small steps in the right direction. Now there are so many options when it comes to adding recycled compostable packaging to your products and trust me, you want to do them. It’s important.

You can cycle boxes and packaging. Ones that you’ve received in boxes, you can use green wrap. You can use indented craft, paper, Calico bags, Brown twine. You could upcycle old material, compostable mailers. Like I mentioned, maybe corrugated cardboard, craft paper, compostable, packaging, peanuts, Visy padded craft bags. Like there’s so many options. Now, I don’t believe even 10 years ago that half of these options were out there. The biggest thing now is these are available. They’re probably not that much more expensive than what you’re already paying. I would love for you to do packaging audit and just make some of those changes where you can.

Now, number seven, clearly show your supply chain. I want you to be really transparent. I want this to be part of your ethical marketing plan. It doesn’t matter if your supply chain is not perfect. Like I said, it’s many steps in the right direction. 

This is the journey, your businesses on the biggest challenge. The biggest thing I want you to do is make those tweaks. I want you to really look at where you are sourcing raw materials from other factories that you’re sourcing products from? Are they sustainable themselves? I want you to be able to track the origin of your raw materials. I really want you to ensure above everything that your supply chain is clear. Remember consumers are watching. They’re seeing everything that you’re doing, and the more honest and transparent you can be, it’s going to do amazing things for your business. They’re going to show you that you’re making that impact. The more visible you come, the more honest you are, the more transparent you are. You’ve got to make that impact. You’ve got to make those sales. This is what it comes down to. You need these things in order to make sales in order to get in front of consumers that are your ideal consumers. 

All right, we’re nearly there. You are still there with me now, remember if this is a podcast and you’re driving because I listen to podcasts and I’m driving. Make sure once you finish the episode, when you pull up, make sure you head over to I have created a little freebie there for you. That’s got all this in there and it’s called this checklist. So you can do these things. Remember we’re setting some time away in your calendar. You’re going to be interrupted and you can actually implement eight. All right, tomorrow, let’s go. We’re going to get you to create a green office space. Maybe you don’t even have an office until recently I was working at my dining table because I don’t like my office. It’s one of my little things that was on my list to renovate because it’s got some horrendous wallpaper, but even if you have an office or you don’t have an office, there are many ways that you can give it a little green make-over. 

You can recycle your cartridges. You can be more power conscious and power down. At the end of the day. Maybe you can use chemical free cleaning products. Maybe you can go paperless or use recycled paper or recycle light bulbs and paper supplies. There are honestly just so many different initiatives you can do. Have a look at Tara cycle or pop into your local office works. They’ve got lots of recycling points, but the biggest thing is that you’ve just been, you’re just being conscious of what you’re using and just making sure that when it is getting recycled, they are going to go to the right spots. You there’s no point in putting it in our recycling bins at home, because quite often, these things just go straight down and go to landfill anyway.

All right, number 10. You’ve done all these things – steps one to nine. 

You’ve started to implement into your business. This is where it’s all going to come together in your impact page. An impact page is a page that’s on your website and it’s showcasing everything that you are doing. All those steps that we’ve just gone through. It’s showcasing all of them. This is where your customers, your ideal customer will be checking out how they are helping create that impact, how they’re joining you to create that impact. It’s a page where you can share the accomplishments.

Can you hear me say that? 

Oh my goodness. Basically it’s a page where you can share everything that your business mission has helped create. It’s great to include the compassion you feel as a business owner and the joy that you’ve experienced through giving. Honestly if having your business doesn’t light you up, I know the cause and the charity or the support that you support, lights you up. I know you love knowing that you have maybe helped to reforest a forest, or maybe you’ve helped educate some young girls in a different country that might not have been educated and the impact page is where it all comes together. This is where you are letting your beautiful tribe, letting your ideal customer know what you’re doing. 

So there you have it, lovely. These are my 10 must do actions to make magic in your eco business. As I said before, and I’m going to say it again, remember to schedule some time in your calendar, to really set aside and get stuck into these actions, our planet and your business will thank you. 

If you haven’t already, make sure you pop over, grab the checklist that helps you support you in implementing these 10 must do actions, just head to You can get that checklist and bring some eco magic into your business. One last thing, before we wrap up today’s episode, don’t forget, you can head over and join the VIP wait list and get access to secret bonuses. Remember the secret. If you don’t go on this wait list, you’re not going to get these bonuses. When my doors open next on the 16th of June, hit the link in my show notes. Now all the information is there. Now you want to know more about my community. My Coco Rose Eco community is going to grow your brand. I’m going to grow your eco business with the support of likeminded environmental enthusiasts. 

We’re going to make a greater impact on the world, in the community. You’re going to get tools that are designed to gain more exposure for your sustainable focus businesses, including the eco success journey. You’re going to get masterclasses. You got to get your content plan. You can have coaching calls, live Q and A’s challenges, workbooks, and so much more. So this is a space for you. If you’re really ready to take your eco business to the next level, if you’re really committed to putting that extra time might only be another hour or two of your week. I know you’re busy, but I know that your business is more important than just being busy. I’d love for you to join us. Remember lovely, put your name on the waitlist, and you’re going to get access to these bonuses, but that’s all for today. Lovely. I hope you enjoyed this week’s episode. 

If you did feel free to send me a DM model, love to know what you loved about it. What did anything resonate with you? Or was there anything of an aha moment? If there was pop over to Instagram, send me a DM on at Coco Rose Eco, that’s where you find me hanging out. I’m always there, but anyway, until next week, I’m going to see you. I have another amazing podcast coming your way. Don’t forget to hit subscribe as well so you can be notified. I will see you next week, lovely. Take care. See you later. 

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