In this episode of The Sustainability Shift Podcast, I’m excited to bring on Kelly Reeves from The Essential Cleaner.  Kelly is one of my members in the Coco Rose Community and has created the most amazing all natural, eco cleaning products that clean your home. Plus body products to use on your skin that are safe for you, your family and the environment.

Today she walks us through her amazing business journey on developing her own natural cleaning products that are all Natural, Non Toxic, Plant Based.  She also shares advice for anyone wanting to start their own eco business and what’s the most common reason people give up making eco friendly choices. 

If you want to be inspired and learn more about why it’s so much better to use green cleaning products rather then conventional cleaning products then this is the episode for you.


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PETRIA: Welcome to the Sustainable Shift Podcast by your host Petria Leggo-Field. This podcast is dedicated to helping your eco-business make a bigger impact, become more visible and make more sales. In this podcast, we will cover actionable steps to gain more exposure for your sustainable and ethically focused small business all whilst juggling motherhood. Consider this your go-to community of people who just get it and leave each episode feeling educated, inspired and most of all motivated. So grow with me as I support your mission, shift you into gear and help shift the world in an ecofriendly way with the next episode of the Sustainable Shift Podcast.

Have you ever thought about green cleaning but you’re just not sure why it’s so much better than the conventional cleaning products. I have been using eco products to clean my house for coming up to about 12 years and yes it makes me feel old when I say that. But they are just absolutely amazing and basically when I had my first daughter it’s changed, how I changed my eco journey. Cleaning products are an everyday necessity, we get that everyone gets that we need them, but one of the most common things is that they’re dangerous, first of all, and they can even result in long-term damage to a person’s health. Trust me when I say this after listening to this episode today you’ll definitely want to make the switch. Which is why I had invited Kelly from the Essential Cleaner to come onto the podcast today, Kelly has created the most beautiful business of all-natural cleaning products that clean your home and body products to use on your skin that are safe for you and your family and the environment.

So during this episode, Kelly is going to discuss her amazing business journey on developing her own natural cleaning products that are natural non-toxic and plant-based. She’ll also share her advice for anyone wanting to start their own eco-friendly business and we’re even going touch base on what’s the most common reason people give up making eco-friendly choices in this episode. So she has an absolutely incredible story to share and I cannot wait to get stuck into this conversation, so let’s get into it.

So welcome lovely Kelly to my podcast. How are you today?

KELLY: Hi Petria, thank you so much for having me.

PETRIA: It’s my pleasure, I think it’s amazing to have you here on your very first podcast episode and I’m also super excited to have you in Coco Rose eco-community as one of our founding members, it’s amazing. I feel so lucky that I get to support you and your beautiful business because you are both beautiful inside and out. But with further ado, I might just give you the floor so you can introduce yourself more.

KELLY: Thank you so much Petria. My name is Kelly Reeves and I’m the owner and founder of the Essential Cleaner. I started my business five years ago and it was completely by accident. I am a brain tumour survivor, so almost 13 years ago I had a brain tumour. I was very unwell and it started the journey for me of wanting to live a much more natural life. I am a cat lover, a gin, wine and coffee lover. I’m also a social worker, I’m creative, love gardening and I really love eco products. I love that they can support my health, support my family and support my community. I love that we can we don’t need chemicals to clean our home.

Our products are amazing to clean without affecting our health. Yeah, that’s a little bit about, there so much more.

PETRIA: I know why we connect you’ve you said gin, you said wine and natural cleaning products, this is why we have this connection.

KELLY: Yes, I do love gin.

PETRIA: On a side note had I never tried gin until a couple of years ago and my husband has converted me. Yes, that’s once the health crisis has gone, we can catch up.

KELLY: Absolutely.

PETRIA: So Kelly, tell me more about your back story and how you ended up having your own eco-business.

KELLY: Like I said I almost 13 years ago I had a brain tumour, so my body really I was really unwell so I had to really make some different choices in my life. I was overweight. I wasn’t eating very well I was working way too hard. I had to make some changes and that included I was using really toxic products on my body.

I was still using chemical products to clean my room and it was making me really sick. I had chronic asthma, chronic dermatitis, headaches, chronic headaches, fatigue and that was all from how I was cleaning my house. I was using really toxic products that my Mum had used and you know we’ve kind of learned that you know we use what we watched our mum cleaning our house with. I know I just never really gave it much thought until I’m really quite new to eco products. It’s only been five years that I’ve been making products and I actually, a really big thing that happened in my life was I lost both my Mum and my stepdad to cancer at the same time, they both died.


KELLY: Really close together and both cancers that could have been avoided and really made me think, gosh, what are we doing to ourselves that we are hurting ourselves? So, it got me started on making my own natural cleaning products because what happened was I decided, right I had to stop using chemicals. But I didn’t know what products I could use, so I went to the supermarket and gosh, there was nothing there. I went to my store where I got my organic fruit and veggies and I didn’t really know that I’d buy something that’s had organic written on the label and not looking at the ingredients because I thought, oh it’s got organic written on it, it must be good.

PETRIA: That’s a common mistake from anyone, this is very greenwashing, anyone who’s new to greenwashing definitely do a bit of Googling, But yes, that’s a pure example of greenwashing.

KELLY: I trusted that if it said organic on the label, oh that’s got to be good so I didn’t check the ingredients. I took it home cleaning my bathroom and oh my gosh my allergies flat out you know my nose was running, my skin was irritated, I had an asthma attack cleaning my shower.

I’m like, okay, I need to, I can’t find what I want, so I’m going to make it. I started tinkering with organic ingredients, started using essential oils I’ve always used essential oils. But I thought I had this light bulb moment where I thought I can use essential oils in my cleaning products, essential oils have these amazing powers that work better than chemicals. For example, things like lemon essential oils it’s antibacterial antiviral, antifungal, anti-microbial, why am I not using lemon essential oil to clean my bath or to clean my shower or to clean my toilet. So I did this whole bunch of research for months and months and months so I just tapped out at my computer and basically decided on, we started with five products, we had our all-purpose spray, a shower cleaner, a mould cleaner, a glass cleaner and a paste. I just nutting out these five products research, research and then developing the products and I had the cleanest shower in Brisbane let me tell you.

Because I developed you know what do I need in the product? How much of that do I need? Is this going to work? Is this, does this smell okay? Does this work well?  You know so it was a whole range of basically research and development and our first five products started almost four and a half years ago now.


KELLY: I started making them for myself really and then my friends would say wow, that’s really good, that smells great, oh my gosh that really works. So that started the business I had absolutely no intention of starting a business. I was working really hard as a social worker a job I really loved, but then it started that was the catalyst of people saying, oh this is really great I want to buy it, so yeah, that’s how it started.

PETRIA: Amazing and so how long was the process from when you first started trialling and testing and researching to your first product?

KELLY: It was about three months.

PETRIA: Wow, okay.

KELLY: So really quite short.


KELLY: Yep and researching ingredients, but also researching bottles and formulas and how much do I need so that you know the product worked, yeah, three months.

PETRIA: That’s amazing and so how many products do you do now because you also offer body products as well don’t you?

KELLY: Yes, we started with five cleaning products and now we’re doing, I think we’re up to about 35 we’ve really expanded.  So the cleaning product range was amazing and it was received really well and we took them to markets and had a website. Then people were saying, oh these are really great, how about body products now? We’d really love natural deodorant or we’d really love natural face cream, natural body cream. So that was then again a whole other journey about researching, developing those products as well.

PETRIA: That’s amazing, but what I love about businesses and small businesses is that you can do that because you’re the founder, you’re the owner, you can create new products if you decide, okay, we’re going to go down this line. I think that’s wonderful and I noticed you also do refills as well.

KELLY: Yeah, that’s a really important aspect of our business. We’re really mindful of the use of plastic and our four cleaning products that are in a trigger bottle we do refills for all those bottles. So there a concentrate, so you hang onto your original bottle, you pour your concentrate in, fill it up with water and you’ve got a whole new product again. What a lot of people do actually do is give me back the refill bottle and then I reuse that again.

PETRIA: Really?

KELLY: Yeah.

PETRIA: Wow, that’s amazing, that’s like pretty much zero waste. So once you buy the original product, that’s it?

KELLY: Yeah and I’ve had my packs been going now for about three years.


KELLY: So there’s absolutely zero waste.

PETRIA: That’s amazing, I love the more that I speak to ecofriendly business owners the more I love finding out the ins and outs because I think it’s becoming more common knowledge that people are trying to be more eco-friendly, whether it be in their personal life or their business. The fact that you can be zero waste and you’re still selling natural cleaning products is amazing.

KELLY: It’s fabulous, really that was a really big factor too behind why I wanted to do what we’re doing. It’s one to have cleaning products that are absolutely natural, going back to what I was talking about with organic written on the label. But in fact, when you look at the ingredients it wasn’t organic at all, it was full of parabens, sodium laureth sulphate you know really bad chemical ingredients.  So it was really important for me to make cleaning products and now body products that are absolutely 100% natural, that’s been a really big focus in our business.

PETRIA: It’s safe for families too. There was many, many years ago when my nephew was a toddler I think he was he’s 21 now he’s old. My Mum was cleaning with bleach in her shower again so this is what her mother cleaned her shower with so this was a common thing and my nephew swallowed some. You just don’t realize, like, I think it was only a teenager and I just don’t realize how crazy these chemicals are because you use it every day, you just kind of forget that it’s toxic like it’s completely toxic. I don’t have any bleach in my house and it drives me crazy that my towels might not be as white or my sheets might not be as white. But it’s like I’d rather have no bleach and have slightly off white coloured linen or just, yeah not having it in my house. It’s toxic, toxic.

KELLY: Absolutely, yeah.

PETRIA: Yeah, so Kelly what’s one thing that you had wished that you had known when you started your business like is there something that you yeah, you look back now and go oh I wish I had known this five years ago.

KELLY: That’s a really good question Petria and I thought about it long and hard. The only thing that I wish I had known, well I’ll take that back, I actually, I’m glad that I didn’t know a lot of things when I first started because learning experience has been so great. I think it’s really important to go into a business not knowing things, not knowing the answer because you become, you really crave the answer and you do so much research and you just want to know so much about it. So I think it’s actually been good to not know answers.


KELLY: If that makes sense?

PETRIA: Yeah, it makes complete sense. I think because we’re always learning I think as small business owners we have that luxury, it’s like okay, I need this skill, okay fine I’m just going to learn this and I’m going to find the person that can help me to learn this skill. So I think that’s wonderful, small business is definitely not for the fainthearted. I think a lot of people can go into it thinking oh, it’s going to be easy I’m going to be doing this and this. Whereas you probably working more than what you ever have worked, but when you’ve got that drive and you’ve got that passion for your little baby, your business baby, I think it’s amazing.

KELLY: Absolutely, the only thing I wish I had done early was actually have a business mentor. Okay, it was two and a half, three years in that I had a business mentor. She’s amazing, she has changed my business so much, this is Priscilla Ann Creative I just wish I had known her from the start, it would have really cut out a lot of, I did a lot of trial and error and which again, I don’t regret. I think it’s good to make mistakes because you learn from them. But yeah, I really wish I had of had her on my journey a lot earlier.

PETRIA: The lady we’re talking about is Priscilla Ann Creative. She is a lady of many talents and that’s how we actually connected, was through Priscilla. But it’s completely right, I think that the best thing about having a mentor, whether it be in like a mastermind, a coach, a yeah, a mentor is if you’ve got someone else’s eyes on your business. Sometimes our businesses are really close to our hearts and we can, we look at it through little rose coloured glasses and sometimes we can’t see it. But for someone who might’ve been there, they might have done that already or just the fact that just got a different thought pattern to you. They’re amazing I 100% have invested in coaches through the whole business journey myself as well.

KELLY: Yeah completely agree, yep.

PETRIA: Oh, that’s amazing. Now Kelly, so if any of our listeners out there sitting back and thinking, okay I really want to get started into creating an ecofriendly business. What advice would you give to the?

KELLY: Again, having a business mentor whether it’s a business mentor or mindset mentor or both, I think that is the number one thing to have any business. But again, I wish I had of had Priscilla earlier but yeah, so definitely a business mentor and or a mindset mentor.

PETRIA: Let’s touch base a little be on the mindset, what I think a lot of people don’t realize is that our mindset controls about 80% of our actions. In a small business if we go into thinking it’s not going to work or this launch is going to be a failure or this product isn’t going to sell. Do you know what it’s probably not going to work and it’s probably not going to sell. You got to look it back on and go, oh, well I tried, oh and push it to the side. Do you have any mindset coaches that you’ve worked with or do you work with reading any books or listen to any podcasts? What’s your recommendation there?

KELLY: I think it’s really important to surround yourself too with people who are really encouraging and supportive and positive. I have a really great people like Diana Kendrick is someone who is, she’s from the Oil Sisters and She’s been a really great, not necessarily, like we haven’t done one on one coaching together but she’s just someone who I’ve just oozed information from. You know I’ve been a sponge to her and also her sister, Michelle Saunderson is also someone that I just I surround myself with both of those girls who are doing amazing things in business and you just feel so amazing when you have amazing people in your life.

PETRIA: Yeah, what’s that quote, it’s like you are the five people around you is who you are most like. Whether they’re probably most virtually now but yeah basically the most five closest people whether they be friends, podcasts, relatives, someone that you’re reading their blog every day, that’s who you become, so that’s so important.

KELLY: I listen to a couple of podcasts, one is there’s a lady who her name is Taylor Houlihan and she runs a business called Tribe Skincare for skin sensitive skin. I found her actually on the Like-Minded Women Drinking Wine business Facebook page. She just really resonated with me and I thought this woman sounds amazing. So I started listening to her podcast, gosh it just changed its name, Small Biz Bites, I think it’s called anyway, check her out, Taylor Houlihan. She has been great I really enjoy her podcasts and it really short, hence Bitz Bites.


KELLY: You know15 minutes, you could pop them on while you’re doing your exercise or why you’re around the house. I’ve really enjoyed her take on social media, social marketing, Facebook, ads, what mailing platform to use. She’s just been really quiet inspirational, really.

PETRIA: Yeah. She often posts on that group as well, like she’s always giving lots of advice, like what we’re talking about, attraction marketing. She’s got just a really beautiful nature about it and it’s never a sales topic. It’s more like, here’s my information use my information if this can make your business better.

KELLY: She’s amazing. I really like Taylor and another one is Stevie Says Social, I really like her podcast too because I, when I first started my business, I knew really little about social media marketing. That’s really helped me just to get a few tips and tricks and gosh you hope and you just learn along the way and I’ve really enjoyed her podcast too.

PETRIA: Yay, I must admit I listened to hers I hadn’t had listened to the Tribe podcasts, but yes I have, I do listen to Stevie. I just think it’s amazing there’s so many women out there that are doing really amazing things in their own field, in their own niche. I think it’s really wonderful to see.

KELLY: Yeah.

PETRIA: Now let me ask you another question. So in small business, we have these ups and downs. There’s lots of many graphs you see going around on social media where we have these really highs and these really lows. Is there a time where you felt that it was of, not so good moment, of a failure, but not looking at it like that? Also, what did you learn from something that was a big moment in your business?

KELLY: I don’t feel like I have had any failures in my business and I probably don’t look at it as a failure, I look at it more as a learning opportunity. When I reflected back when I was thinking about the answer to this question, I think the one thing I wish I had of done differently was when I first started, I wish I had a brand expert come in and do my branding for me. I feel like it’s been a bit itsy-bitsy and I wish I had done it with a lot more with some concrete thinking behind it. I mean, it’s all worked out at the end, but it kind of feels like it was a bit trial and error. Yeah, so I wish I had of had a brand expert come and do my logo and do my branding for me instead of doing it in bits and pieces.

PETRIA: Yeah and that’s so true. I think when we go into the small business world we don’t think of it as this a brand. Like for me, I thought branding was a logo, was like, cool, I’ve got my logo many years ago, I was like this is amazing. The more I learned and understood about it’s like branding is so much more than a logo, it’s your tone of voice, it’s your values, it’s your beliefs, it’s your why. I think your branding is beautiful now and I think you’ve completely got it on point. So yeah, no I do I honestly, I think it’s just really nice to see. I think you’ve found the spot where it’s meant to be.

KELLY: Thank you.

PETRIA: So when people are going to making eco-friendly choices, it’s a lot of people I think get a little bit overwhelmed.  So there’s so many things on social media, so many things on the mainstream media and they get a little bit overwhelmed as to where to start to try to make it be more ecofriendly. So, in turn, they don’t start at all so they just keep doing the same normal thing that they’ve ever done. What do you think is the most common reason that people fail or give up trying to be more eco or make those eco choices?

KELLY: Yeah, that’s a really good point, I look back at my journey because I’m really quite new to this journey I’m really only five years in. I think the best advice I could give and I still say it to new customers all the time and the clients we’re approaching is if you’re not sure where to start then start with the one thing that you feel that you really want to change. So for me, it was my shower cleaner that was the first thing I went I have got to stop cleaning my shower with this really toxic shower cleaner. So I changed my shower cleaner that was the first thing that I did. For someone else that might be completely different, it might be they want to use natural deodorant paste, just start with one thing that you identified that you really want to change. I think it’s really important like when I first started my journey I was a bit naive I think looking at a label or something that said natural or organic and I thought oh, it’s got to be organic, it’s got to be natural. But I think just dig deeper look deeper and look for products that seem to you, products that might resonate for you or products that might, I dunno, maybe just, yeah, just that really means something to you. So research you know look at the product ingredients and think, oh gee that’s got 28 letters in that word, gosh that doesn’t look good, I’ll give that one a skip and maybe go home and do a bit of Googling and go that something called LSL, sodium laureth sulphate which is a really toxic and it’s in our toothpaste, it’s in our shampoos, it’s in our cleaning products, body products. Yeah, maybe do of research.

PETRIA: I think research is amazing because once you actually start to do it your eyes are opened up to so much more, so many more things. I know for myself, I again, I’ve used cloth nappies for four children, so for 12 years, I’ve been using cloth nappies. Yet up until two years ago, I still had cling wrap in my third drawer I think everyone’s stores their stuff in their third draw. I still used it and it wasn’t until I saw I read an article or something online and it was like cling wrap is plastic. I was like oh I did not realize that and same as baking paper, it can’t be recycled it’s got the wax or special protective. So the more I talked to people about this a lot of the first block that comes up is money they’re like it’s so expensive to buy eco-friendly, but they’re not looking at it at the long term.

So if you invest in silicone baking sheets, this will last you for however long. I don’t know how long silicon lasts, but you would just keep reusing them. It might be more of investment into using a different product, but in the long run, it’s better for you and better for the environment as well.

KELLY: Absolutely, I love my silicone trays that I use and I love the beeswax wraps I love them. I don’t have any cling wrap in my house either.

PETRIA: Yah, cling wrap is bad.

KELLY: I’m only three years out of having cling wrap in my house, so you know it’s not like we’ve known about this forever, it’s really quite new that I haven’t had cling wrap.

PETRIA: But it’s the journey I think that’s the main thing about whether you’re a business owner or you’re a consumer, no one is ever going to be 100% zero waste eco live off-grid, have chickens grow your own vegetables. I think it’s the journey that you take especially I know for myself having children, I’m installing these values into them. So they’re the ones that are picking up rubbish at random sports, very public sports and I’m suddenly handed all these gross cigarette butts and things that they picked up off the floor. I know that’s a good value to have that they’re doing it because it’s not just our footprint that’s going to be left it’s our children who have to live through this. So any small steps that we can make now, I think it’s better.

KELLY: Absolutely, I can’t agree more.

PETRIA: Amazing, now this question is one of my favourite questions to ask my guests because no one is the same. Now, Kelly, what is your favourite eco-friendly product? Whether that be one of your ones, I know you’ve mentioned the shower or something else that you think would be helpful for our listeners.

KELLY: My favourite product that I make is by far the essential spray that is our all-round cleaning product that gosh I just use all the time and everywhere in my house so it can be replaced as a spray. I clean my bathroom with it, so my bath, my sinks, my benches in my bathroom, my taps, because it’s anti it’s quite antibacterial, antiviral and antimicrobial on essential oils in it. It’s really great especially now in this COVID-19 era, it’s really great for I use it to clean like my fridge handles, touching things in the kitchen with dirty hands. I clean the front of my dishwasher I clean my toilet with it. It’s such an all-rounder I clean out my bin I clean the interior of my car the steering wheel gets dirty. I clean my phone every day I clean my phone with it, so I just spray it on my phone and clean that with a cloth, It’s also really good for clean your keys, your key card and things like that you’re using at the shops. My handbag you know your handbag gets pretty dirty because you’re holding onto it and you might put it on the ground or somewhere, and yes, I’m cleaning everything. I cleaned my toilet with it I love it.

PETRIA: I think I’m going to have to order some of these because you’ve completely soled me because having four children my house is crazy, especially when we’re self-isolating. But the plus side is my girls love cleaning, so I give them little bottles and they can go wipe anything down.

KELLY: The best part of the essential spray is its filtered water and essential oils.


KELLY: It’s safe to use, especially if you have kids. It’s great to clean the high chair, cleaning the floor around where the kids have eaten, cleaning everything, cleaning toys, it’s really great for cleaning toys, it’s also really great if you have pets. If you’ve got a pet that may be leaving little presents around the house, that’s really great for cleaning up that. It’s a really great all-rounder.

PETRIA: Amazing, it sounds like you’re very passionate about it.

KELLY: I do love it it’s by far my favourite product.

PETRIA: Amazing, lovely. Well, I think it’s absolutely beautiful that you’re bringing everything to the amazing eco-friendly cleaning products. I think it’s really beautiful that you keep growing on your personal level and your business is growing. It’s slightly not silenced, it’s been a lot more busy for you for the past couple of weeks and it’s truly really exciting. Now before I leave are you allowed to share with us anything that’s exciting, that’s coming up for the Essential Cleaner.

KELLY: Gosh, what’s coming up? We are always, I’m a really creative person, so I’m always tinkering on new products and thinking about new products. In this COVID-19 you know isolation phase, I’ve actually developed some really great laundry products, so a really great laundry powder that’s completely 100% natural and also some laundry whitening tablets.

PETRIA: I might need those.

KELLY: I used to be addicted to, I don’t know if I’m allowed to say the name of the product, but a whitening product that you always frequently used you know to keep your sheets white and your whites white. I was addicted to it and it wasn’t until I read the ingredient one day that I went this has got blech in it, I can’t keep using this, this is really bad. So I went to do the research and went right, I am going to make my own, I can’t keep using, so I came up with these amazing whitening tablets that you just pop in with your sheets or you know your whites that you want to keep white. There definitely is you know, they’re not perfect, that that is the one thing that we do take for granted in the eco world that some of our products, all of our products are amazing, but there is some compromise. You know my whites aren’t as white as I’d like them to be, but they are natural and I’m so happy with the whiteness that we get. Yeah, lemon essential oil is a whitening agent who would have known.

PETRIA: Not me, well send me a message when you are releasing these because as I said, I need this. That’s the thing that drives me insane is that I just want any, no I’m not going to talk more about my whitening issues of my linen products.

KELLY: I have them too don’t worry.

PETRIA: Oh amazing lovely. So, for our beautiful listeners who are listening today, where can they find you? Where can they connect with you after this episode?

KELLY: So we are the Essential Cleaner and we have an online store and it is So we are all around Australia, posting daily all over Australia, so you can find us at our online store. You can also find us on Facebook go to the Essential Cleaner, and also on Instagram, as the Essential Cleaner.

PETRIA: Amazing, I will link all those details into the show notes to anyone else wanting to check them out. I highly recommend as we said, make one switch and I think you’ll be ordering many more products. Now, Kelly, I wanted to thank you so much for joining me here today. I’m going to let you go now, but I cannot wait to share this episode with everyone. I’m going to see you back in the Coca Rose eco-community.

KELLY: Thank you so much for Petria, thank you so much for your beautifulness. It’s so lovely to connect with other people that, we’re all on the same journey together. It’s just lovely so thank you so much.

PETRIA: Amazing, thank you so much, Kelly bye.


PETRIA: A huge, thank you to Kelly for joining me on this episode of the Sustainable Shift Podcast. I honestly cannot wait to see you continue to hit those goals and grow your beautiful business in the Coco Rose eco-community. Now if in between episodes, you’re wanting some more actionable steps and the support of a beautiful, beautiful community, I’d love for you to come over and join me in my free Facebook group, which is solely for ecofriendly brands. I would love to have you in there you can connect with some other beautiful, beautiful souls. I just felt that we really needed to join hands and really support each other.  So if you are wanting to come and get that little bit of extra support and of course get some new business tips for your eco biz, just search for the Coco Rose eco-community in the Facebook search bar or I might actually just pop the link down below in the show notes.

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Thank you so much for joining in today’s episode of the Sustainable Shift Podcast. If you enjoyed this episode, please make sure you hit the subscribe button so you don’t miss any future episodes and leave me a quick review, I’ll take you 30 seconds. I would be ever so grateful and want to be friends because we’re not really friends unless we are Instagram friends. So head over to Instagram and send me a DM @cocoroseeco. Anyway lovely, I hope you have an amazing day and I cannot wait to connect with you again soon, thanks so much lovely, bye.


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ABOUT YOUR HOSTPetria Coco Rose Eco

Hi there, I’m Petria and thanks for joining me here.


As a busy Mum to four young children, and with a fly-in-fly-out husband, I understand the juggle between family, home life and work … there’s precious little time to spare. I know how tricky it can be to make the right eco-friendly choices for your family – that’s why I’ve created Coco Rose Eco.


Through seeking out the most sustainable choices for my own family, I’ve carefully selected beautiful, unique and eco-friendly Australian made products which I happily use for our family and give as quality gifts. I’m excited to share my knowledge of all things eco-friendly with you and this community.