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Black Friday – just the mention of it will either make you super excited and have your credit card out to shop, or it will make you cringe with the thought of how many products will be consumed and then end up in landfill.

This year it’s expected that 13.8 Million amount of Australian Shoppers will spend approximately 3.9 BILLION on Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) sales with many stores ‘slashing prices’ early.  However whilst 1000’s have shopped over the weekend in the pursuit of a bargain, it’s really our planet that picks up the tab.  

This type of unsustainable consumption puts such a huge strain on already stretched resources and can be so devastating for our planet, as quite often people are purchasing in the heat of the moment and the products end up in Landfill.

In this Episode Petria Covered:

  • What is Black Friday 
  • Scary facts about mass consumption 
  • Should Eco Businesses boycott Black Friday?
  • What you could do instead 


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