When done right Lead Magnets are a great addition to your overall Ethical Marketing Plan.  Why does it work? Because when you are creating a lead magnet from the heart, something that is truly aligned with your business values and really solves a problem for your consumers it can’t help but grab their attention.  

This kind of marketing involves giving away lots of value and offering absolutely free content to potential customers or leads to your eco business. 

Lead Magnets are NOT when you sell your product, they are to grab the attention.  

You are GIVING before you are TAKING.  

Sharing your knowledge, educating them with eco goodness to help you customers learn and be able to make the right decision.  When you have an email list you can grow your business and be profitable, you can give yourself back time for what really matters, your loved ones! 

In this episode I shared:

  • Why you need a lead magnet
  • 5 characteristics of an irresistible lead magnet 
  • Examples of lead magnets to get your creative juices flowing 
  • How to get people to sign up to it 

The key to success when using your lead magnet in an authentic way lies in having a genuine interest in your customer and their needs. You are going to love these strategies to grow your email list to be overflowing with your dream customers! 


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PETRIA: Welcome to the Sustainable Shift Podcast by your host Petria Leggo-Field. This podcast is dedicated to helping your eco-business make a bigger impact, become more visible and make more sales. In this podcast, we will cover actionable steps to gain more exposure for your sustainable and ethically focused, small business, all whilst juggling motherhood. Consider this your go-to community of people who just get it and leave each episode feeling educated, inspired and most of all motivated. So grow with me as I support your mission, shift you into gear and help shift the world in an ecofriendly way with the next episode of the Sustainable Shift Podcast.

I know what it’s like to have a dream to make an impact on our environment, but maybe no idea of how to actually even turn that into a reality. I know what it’s like to be building a business alone with a constant thought of can I even do this? I am just a one-woman business. How can I possibly make any impact on our planet? I know what it’s like to feel so confused about what is the next step to do to get your business more visible. Imagine not having to worry about if you’re making enough impact, imagine about making money doing what you love and really living life on your terms and creating the success that you want and the success that you deserve. Now I want you to imagine what it would be like to have a mentor who can guide you, someone who’s walked those same steps before you, someone who can help you implement them into your business so that you can have amazing results. I’m going to show you that is 100% possible. Everything in the Coco Rose community is the exact plan that I followed to create a successful and a sustainable business and do you know what it’s really led me to experience so much more time with my family and more importantly, I’m less stressed in my business.

The Coco Rose community is so focused on you making an impact, you making progress and you reaching your goals. You can use your passion to make an impact. Doors to the Coco Rose community are opening on the 10th of August this is the only intake for 2020. I would love to invite you to head over to the link in the show notes and pop your details down there if you would like to receive any information. I always make sure the ladies on the waitlist get access to all the secret bonuses. So if you feel like you need the support of other heart-centred eco-entrepreneurs just wanting to make a difference in this world, I’d love you to come and join us. All right, now, let’s get into today’s episode on the Sustainable Shift Podcast. I am so excited about this episode I have been thinking about what I’m going to be saying today. 

Today is Sunday of recording of this and I know you’re going to hear this on Thursday, but I know that it’s really such an important step of having a small business to have what I’m going to be talking about today. But I know so many eco businesses either don’t have it or they have it but they didn’t really advertise or they maybe just aren’t really seeing the value in it. Now, what am I even talking about? Well, I want you to understand today that the key to success is having a lead magnet for your business and the absolutely one way to make sure that your lead magnet creates that ripple effect is to do it in an authentic way and having a real, genuine interest in your customer and their needs. Building an email list is so much better than gaining Instagram followers, your email list you own that is your property.

If you were ever to sell your business, you’re selling your email list. But if Instagram turned around tomorrow and started to charge everyone to be on that platform, I know that so many businesses wouldn’t be able to stay on there. So my little step from today, if you get one thing away from today is just understand how valuable your email list is and you only have to listen to any of the big names, Amy Porterfield, and nearly every second person, get your followers onto an email list. When you have an email list you can grow your business it can be more profitable and you can give yourself time back for what really matters like why did you start your business to have more time with your family? That’s what I did. So by concentrating on growing your email list you’re going to be able to get this. Now I have so much goodness today in the Sustainable Shift Podcast.

What you going to step away with today is first of all, why you need a lead magnet? You’re going to understand five characteristics of what an amazing lead magnet can be. I’m going to show you some examples of some amazing eco lead magnets that I know you’re probably going to resonate with and feel free to steal these titles, to steal the inspiration from this. This is what I want you to walk away from each episode I want you to feel inspired, I want you to feel motivated. I want you to feel educated, and I want you to just feel like you’ve got this, you can do this. These steps in this episode are really actionable they’re going to be able to help you to really get that thought started. But what I want to think about is right now this is such a crazy pivotal moment in history.

We’ve got the pandemic there’s climate change, global warming, and look the general state of the environment. It’s at the forefront of a lot of people’s minds, especially now in plastic-free July It’s great I love these initiatives like people are thinking about this. Now you’re probably thinking okay so how do I actually attract and engage potential customers to your eco-business? I want you to think of it like this rephrase this is how are you going to make your customers fall in love with you? How are you going to make them fall in love with your business? It’s kind of like dating but for the eco-friendly lead magnet business side of things. What I want you to understand is that you’ve really got to start even before they’re customers. You want to attract them in and you want to seduce them in a way that’s not yucky or icky or no car yard salesperson in here. 

You can totally do this in an authentic and a really genuine way. It’s honestly so easy and trust me the steps that I’m going to share in this episode are really actionable it won’t take more than a couple of hours of your day. If you want to step away today and do it you can. But I want you to know that you are going to create a ripple effect when this is done right, lead magnets for your eco customers, if that one customer makes a change think of that impact. So lead magnets are so important for your business and I want you to give me a little hands up I know you can’t see me and I can’t see you, but do you have a lead magnet for your business? Yes. No. If you do have one, are you constantly promoting it? Like when I mean constantly, are you talking about it at least once a week? Are you posting about it on your socials? Have you maybe got Facebook ads running to it? Have you got maybe your Facebook and the little Facebook button where you can sign up or join or learn more? Is that actively going to your lead magnet?

Are you encouraging your tribe to sign up to it? Now if you answered no and you don’t have one why not, do you not think they’re important or do you think no one would download it or maybe you’re just not even sure where to start. All these things are totally normal to feel and I want you just to really understand that lead magnets are such an amazing addition to your overall ethical marketing plan. You need to have these foundation steps in your business because separately they might not seem like they’re doing much, but when you bring it all together in your ethical marketing plan it really comes together and it comes together like glue. When you’re creating the lead magnet from your heart something that is really truly aligned with your business values and actually really solves the problem for your consumers, it can’t help, but grab their attention. 

They want it they need it in their life. This kind of attraction marketing involves giving away lots and lots of value. Yes, absolutely offering as much free value to your potential customers or leads in your ethical business. I heard someone speak I don’t know who it was I was at a retreat last year and they said sometimes that your lead magnet you should be able to charge for it. It should be that full of amazing value that you if you want it to turn around and then put $10 on it or $30 on it, you should actually be able to charge it. Now when you’re creating a lead magnet or you’re starting to think about your lead magnet, just remember this is not a spot where you sell your product. There is no selling. You’re using your lead magnet to really grab their attention you are giving them something before you’re taking.

By giving I mean by sharing your knowledge you’ve got to educate them with so much eco goodness that your customers can’t help but learn and make the right decision. So the right decision would be to come to your business and potentially make that sale. Now with eco customers, this is why I love, I’m so passionate about conscious consumers because they’re changing habits and anyone who has ever made a habit, especially say plastic-free July, this is sometimes the biggest changes happening at the moment is that you need to educate your consumers. You need lots of handholding because sometimes changing habits, isn’t just something that they’ve been doing maybe their mum has been doing it, maybe their grandparent has been doing it. For me it was cling wrap I was using cling wrap until I think nearly two and a half years free, maybe nearly three years coming up to actually of no cling wrap and every person in my family before me has used cling wrap. 

So the habits that you are wanting to help your consumers change are sometimes long-standing habits. I really don’t believe that our mainstream media or the government are doing anywhere near enough education about changing eco habits and making eco swaps. A little bit of a fun fact is that habits can take anywhere from about 18 days to 254 days to actually form a new habit. So anything in your eBook if you’re leading someone to changing a habit you have to understand of how valuable this has to be because you’re changing someone’s habits that they might have been doing for their whole life. Now, this is you, this is your amazing business and I want you to know that I 100% believe you can create this ripple effect. It doesn’t matter if you have 10 customers on your email list or if you’ve got 10,000 people on your email list each and every single person you serve can create a change and they will create an impact.

You are not too small to make a difference I’ll say that again, you are not too small to make a difference. That’s why on this podcast I truly want to help you make your difference in the environment. I know and I believe that by attracting more customers with your lead magnet you’re going to nurture them, you’re going to love on them and you’re going to turn them into customers that make eco changes. By doing this, you are going to empower your customer to make those changes. Now there are so many amazing benefits of this concept which I’m going to delve into more later on in this episode. But one that I really want you to understand and really point out is this allows you to serve your customers, serving your customers so much better than the competition so you should never focus on what the competition are doing.

Just focus on your customers and how you can serve them better. I love the quote by Albert Einstein is “strive not to be a success, but rather be of value”. So when you’re creating your lead magnet I want you to always give more than you ever expect and go way beyond just communicating with them just to get their email. Really, really start to connect with them and learn them and nurture them and get to know what makes them, them. Let’s do of time travel and let’s cast a vision for the future, so imagine you are constantly having people reach out to you every single day for your product, by email, maybe there’s a new DM, maybe they’re on Facebook, maybe you are, yeah maybe you’re having a DM full of messages of people really wanting to start a conversation with you and get to know more of what your thoughts are and how they can buy your product or how they can work with you.

That could be a really cool reality. I know you’re probably thinking, but Petria, how does lead magnets have anything to do with this? Well, lead magnets really give you the chance to get in front of so many more people and you can welcome them into your world. Now, I’ve realized I’ve probably talked a lot about lead magnets here and maybe some of you were thinking yeah, I don’t really know what a lead magnet is. So just in case you need more clarifying a lead magnet has also or can be called like an opt-in sometimes an ethical bribe, maybe a freebie, so on and so on. Now I’m going to do a little plug here if you would like any of my freebies cause I have lead magnets as well, head over to and check mine out, have a little stalk, see what I’m doing because everything I am sharing I’m doing from my business. So I am more than okay for you to go over there and check it out and see what’s happening

Now why we have lead magnets is it’s the best way to increase subscribers to your mailing list like they are literally designed to attract and capture leads. They’re a magnet they’re an extra incentive for your lead generation campaign. Yeah, I know it sounds really formal and really business-like to say lead generation campaign, but you’re in business. I know you’re not a hobbyist because hobbyists aren’t going to be listening to podcasts to grow their business. Now, today I really want to teach you how to put your list on autopilot. I want you to be able to create an irresistible lead magnet and I want this freebie to be on your website or I want your social media visitors, I want them grabbing it. I really want this to be an amazing incentive to do in exchange for your, for their email address. 

Now, why do you need a lead magnet? So I know I’ve touched on it, but if you want to generate leads online, then your business needs a magnet. It’s such a personal thing when someone gives you their email address, years ago people would probably even give you their phone number, their full name and their address. But as consumers, we have changed how we like to be marketed to, so you only need their first name and you only need their email address. When someone has taken that next step this is amazing, this is a really, really, really good step for you and it’s a chance for you to really build value. It’s going to establish your authority, you’re going to add some credibility and as I said before it’s often the start of a really new and a deeper relationship. Sounds so romantic, going back to our little dating analogy here, but the first step before you get into creating your lead magnet in, I want you to answer this honestly, is do you know who your ideal customer is? Who is your dream customer? Who’s your soulmate customer?

If you don’t have a clear idea, I want you to go back a few steps and I suggest that before you try to create a lead magnet, I want you to actually really get clear on who your ideal customer is. You want to know their values, their beliefs, their challenges because when you know exactly what those things are you can speak directly to them. Your crystal clear image of your soul mate customer will help you write this lead magnet so you can literally solve their problem. When you’re thinking about creating a lead magnet think about this, first of all, I personally don’t like pop-ups and some people might have pop-ups and that’s fine, but I did the Kate Toon course SEO course if anyone isn’t familiar with her go over and check her out, it’s amazing and the general consensus was no pop-ups. So if you have a little pop-up on your website that says subscribe for updates it’s kind of boring, isn’t it? 

So put yourself in your customer’s shoes do you actually put emails down when a screen like that pops up? I definitely do not at all. So think about this option, so if you have just written a really value-packed eco-blog post and down the bottom, you have a little footer and maybe it says 10 eco-friendly habits that you can change today to create an impact-free downloadable. What one do you think your customer is more likely to choose to subscribe for updates or something that’s going to make them create an impact today? I’m pretty sure it’s going to be the second one. So when you are using your lead magnet you’re growing your email list and it’s, you’re connecting with your audience and this is going to be a money-maker for your business and literally the backbone of your company. It’s pretty cheap to maintain you just need an email provider and it has so much higher ROI, so return on investment than any type of marketing. I should have researched the statistic for this because it’s high, I know it’s high, but I don’t know the exact ROI.

Now there are five really clear characteristics of an amazing lead magnet so number one high value, as I said before, your lead magnet should be both perceived high value and high actual value. You don’t want some wishy-washy PDF that they forget or worst case they don’t even open so really high value. Number two, it solves a problem, as I said, you’ve got to really know your ideal customer here. So your lead magnet can solve the problem, ask yourself these questions, so if you have a pen handy, write it down. What problems or challenges does your customer have? What mistruths or myths do they believe? What are they scared of or what are they unsure of? What are they worrying about at night? What’s keeping them awake? When you can answer these questions, you can create a lead magnet that solves their problems.

Number three, it has a clear benefit and leads to a quick win. You don’t want to create a lead magnet that solves your customer’s problem in six months, you want to lead magnet to convert and solve the problem today. They need instant gratification and you need to help them achieve something easily. Say, for instance, cling wrap, tell them why they shouldn’t use cling wrap, maybe the effects of the plastic, why it doesn’t biodegrade, it can’t be reused. What’s an easy solution, don’t buy it and perhaps buy some alternatives baking paper, the silicon baking paper, the silicon wraps, beeswax wraps, there’s so many alternatives, give them a quick win now. Now number four, so it positions you as an expert when someone consumes your lead magnet it should demonstrate your expertise, you have to absolutely prove your authority.

Now, remember your newest subscriber needs to remember your name the next time you pop up into the inbox. Now once you have your lead magnet I also suggest having a little three-part email welcome sequence, by that is another podcast episode. The biggest thing I want you to step away from today’s getting that first email with your PDF and a little tip here, if your audience can find the same information you’re providing in a Google search, it’s not a good lead magnet. Don’t be afraid to give your opinion because you are what makes your business different, there could be a hundred businesses selling the same product or doing the same service, but you are the one that’s different.

So number five it builds trust, so we’re back to the relationship-building thing here, you need to nurture the relationship and you need to build that trust. It shows your potential customers that you’re not just trying to get their money and it proves that you know what you’re doing and how to help them, trust wins all the time. Customers only want to buy from a brand that they know to be authentic and that they know are trustworthy. So you have to align your lead magnet with your audience in an authentic way, please be authentic because that vibe you’re putting out that energy your tribe are feeling that. So they’re characteristics and now I want you to really think of a couple of easy lead magnets. So you’ve probably signed up to them yourself, eBooks are good, any guides are good, cheat sheets, checklists, how-to, quotes, swipe files, PDFs, downloadable, I could literally go on forever.

If you do need a little ideas bank or you’ve kind of got a bit of writer’s block, send me a DM on Instagram so @cocoroseeco I will always reply and as I said, I’ve got a bank of about 50. So if you need some ideas send me a DM, I would love to hear from you. Now you know what makes a good lead magnet, how do you get people to sign up to it because that’s the biggest step you need people to actually know you’ve created it. You can’t just create it and put it on your website, but never tell anyone. So I suggest having a sales page, so just create a landing page through your mail provider, super easy to do. If you have never created one, don’t feel overwhelmed by tech, it’s not hard, if all else fails, jump onto YouTube, there is someone who has done a tutorial on it on every single mail provider, I can hands down bet that.

So create your sales page and make it look really nice, don’t just kind of do a really boring one, you want to attract them, you want to again, attract the right consumers with the right energy, so make it really beautiful. Once you have your sales page make sure you’ve got that on your, if you’ve got Linktree in your Instagram, pop it up there, pop it on your emails you need to kind of pop it every way you can think of and I want you to talk about it, so on social media, it’s a free platform to use so keep chatting about your downloadable. Put it on your social media schedule to do it, to talk about it at least once a month, once a week, I should say, not once a month, ignore my complete previous mention. Once a week you want to be posting about and talking about and directing them to go and download.

By doing this you’re keeping your email really active and fresh and not being a really stagnant email list. As I said on your website, I personally don’t recommend to have an opt-in on your website, but if you do, that’s fine go ahead and do it, if you have, pop it up there put it up on your opt-in. Otherwise, I would probably suggest you to put it into your header or in the footer of your website or under a blog post, that’s my personal thoughts on that one. Now, maybe you’ve already got an email list so if you do, what do you do here? We’ll send it to them as a little bonus, everyone loves a little bonus, I love receiving bonuses as if you’re like me and you’ve done a course, any course that ever offers extra bonuses, amazing, sign me up I’ll be there, everyone wants a bonus. 

Now you never know like it could lead to a sale maybe that’s that one little bit of extra thing that they needed to make that sale and to convert that customer. Now, my final tips and these they’re important I think, add a cover page it sets a beautiful tone and it looks professional right from the beginning. I also suggest to add a little welcome message, like tell them who you are it doesn’t have to be an essay just briefly introduce yourself, your beautiful brand, and maybe why you decided to start your business or what’s led you there to that journey. My third little tip, these are the little extra bonuses, as I said everyone loves the bonus, really add a memorable title. So set your lead magnet apart by adding an interesting something that’s really going to catch their eye, I love things that start with numbers and then gives you a little action. So these are a couple of my favourites and again, you’ve just got to jump onto Pinterest and I’m sure you’ll get your creative juices going, but perhaps 12 ways to save the earth today or 10 water-saving tips to change your life or five self-care rituals with essential oils or 15 essential tips to becoming more sustainable and ethical in your family or 20 ways to be a sustainable superstar, five steps to a simpler, slow fashion wardrobe.

You get the idea there but it gives them of action or maybe five things that you never knew about being eco-friendly. So the customer’s thinking, hang on what did I never know about being eco-friendly maybe I need to jump on and download this so I can find out what I don’t know. Lastly, you really want to have a clear call to action so tell your new email subscriber what they can do next, what is the next step? Do you want them to check out something on your website? Do you want them to book in a discovery call with you? Let them know if you don’t have a call to action it can get a bit wishy-washy and they’ll just file that PDF away and might not look at it again. Maybe you want them to come and follow you on Instagram, what is it? Make sure you’ve just got that clear call to action.

So there you have it those are my tips on creating a lead magnet to really attract your eco customer and I hope you’re feeling inspired. When you do create it feel free to come over and send it to me on Instagram, honestly, I’m more than happy to have a little checkout or maybe you’ve got a couple of extra questions. I’d love to see all your hard work comes together I’d love to know if this has inspired you. So just to recap what we have went over today, we’ve delved all into why you need a lead magnet. We’ve then talked about five characteristics of an amazing lead magnet. I have shared a couple of examples of some really cool titles and how to actually get people to sign up to your lead magnet.

My final thoughts for today is that the key to success when using a lead magnet, as I said, it has to be authentic, you really have to have a really genuine interest in your customer and their needs and this is so much better than Instagram follows, you don’t need to concentrate on Instagram followers, get them onto your email list. When you do, you’re going to have so much more time for yourself, so much more time for your loved ones. So there you have it, as I said, don’t forget if you are wanting to know more about my online eco-community for beautiful heart-centred eco-entrepreneurs who are ready to create their dream eco-business and create that impact on our planet. I would love you to come over and join us the doors are opening the 10th of August, it’s so exciting I am honestly so excited and just in case you’re wondering, oh it’s another course I don’t have time to do a course, it’s not a course, it’s a membership.

So you dip in dip out and just take what you need. It’s got such a beautiful blend of knowledge there’s blends of coaching and community and I can’t wait to welcome you in there. So if you need to jump into the show notes, I’d love you to pop your details on there and thank you so much for listening to this week’s podcast. If you are new here, my name is Patria, these podcast episodes come out every single week and I am very happy and very grateful that you are here listening to me. I would be forever grateful if you did go ahead and hit that subscribe button and really gift yourself some time and perhaps go back and listen over to some of the other episodes because it’s really inspiring to know that you’re listening and know that you’re creating the ripple effect.

 All right, lovely, that is all for the Sustainable Shift Podcast this week and thank you so much for listening. I hope you have an absolutely amazing week, alright, bye.

Thank you so much for joining in today’s episode of the Sustainable Shift Podcast. If you enjoyed this episode, please make sure you hit the subscribe button so you don’t miss any future episodes and leave me a quick review, it’ll take you 30 seconds. I would be ever so grateful and want to be friends because we’re not really friends unless we’re Instagram friends, head over to Instagram and send me a DM @cocoeoseeco. Anyway lovely I hope you have an amazing day and I cannot wait to connect with you again soon. Thanks so much, lovely bye.



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