When done right Lead Magnets are a great addition to your overall Ethical Marketing Plan.  Why does it work? Because when you are creating a lead magnet from the heart, something that is truly aligned with your business values and really solves a problem for your consumers it can’t help but grab their attention.  

This kind of marketing involves giving away lots of value and offering absolutely free content to potential customers or leads to your eco business. 

Lead Magnets are NOT when you sell your product, they are to grab the attention.  

You are GIVING before you are TAKING.  

Sharing your knowledge, educating them with eco goodness to help you customers learn and be able to make the right decision.  When you have an email list you can grow your business and be profitable, you can give yourself back time for what really matters, your loved ones! 

In this episode I shared:

  • Why you need a lead magnet
  • 5 characteristics of an irresistible lead magnet 
  • Examples of lead magnets to get your creative juices flowing 
  • How to get people to sign up to it 

The key to success when using your lead magnet in an authentic way lies in having a genuine interest in your customer and their needs. You are going to love these strategies to grow your email list to be overflowing with your dream customers! 


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