In this episode, I chat with Sally Williams or otherwise known as ‘The Brand Power Lady’ to come on to the show. For over 25 years Sally appeared on Australian television, providing insight into product benefits under the Brand Power banner, promoting everything from muesli bars to washing detergent

When her contract was up for renegotiation last year, she used the opportunity to make a significant change.  

She provides information around sustainable practices that will help you alter your purchase decisions to ones that will reduce waste, reduce pollution and lessen the detrimental effect we are having on the planet.  

Here’s a peek at what Sally shares in this episode:

  • What the turning point was when leaving Brand Power
  • Why she is so passionate about supporting ethical brands 
  • The important lessons she has learnt along the way
  • Her favourite charities to support 
  • And of course SO much more sustainable goodness 

You’ll walk away from today’s episode with so much inspiration and be ready to make a bigger ripple effect in your business and our world! 


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