In my Free Facebook Eco Community, I’ve been talking about how it’s such a complex world out there, searching for solutions to reduce waste in not only your products but also the packaging.

On one hand you are trying to provide affordable eco friendly products to your customers and on the other you have this constant headache of how to package your product in a sustainable way.


Featured In this Episode:

  • Why sustainability packaging is no longer just a ‘nice to have option’
  • The shift in consumer buying 
  • My go to eco swaps for packaging your products that will make a huge impact on our environment


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Welcome to the Sustainable Shift podcast by your host Petria Leggo-Field. This podcast is dedicated to helping your eco business make a bigger impact, become more visible and make more sales. In this podcast, we will cover actionable steps to gain more exposure for your sustainable and ethically focused, small business. All whilst juggling motherhood, consider this your go to community of people who just get it and leave each episode feeling educated, inspired, and most of all motivated. Grow with me as I support your mission, shift you into gear and help shift the world in an eco friendly way with the next episode of the Sustainable Shift podcast. Welcome to another episode of the Sustainable Shift podcast. I am so excited that you have joined me here today. I heard a quote the other day, and it really got me thinking, can your business turn off the plastic tap?

It is such a complex world out there and searching for solutions to reduce your waste in not only your products, but also the packaging is so important. On one hand, you’re really trying to provide affordable eco friendly products to your customers. That’s really important to you. On the other hand, you have this constant headache of how to package your product in a sustainable way. Now I am sure that there have been many times when you just weren’t sure what to do with the packaging. I know you are the decision maker in your business and packaging has always been a huge problem for you. Let’s set the scene and see if you can relate. You’ve probably spent a considerable amount of time designing and creating an absolutely amazing eco-friendly reusable zero waste product, but when it comes to packaging and shipping it out, wouldn’t it seem like a contradiction?

If you then add plastic to your packaging or your box or your sticky tape, sustainable packaging is no longer just a nice to have option. It is a must have for any business that is looking to future-proof their business against this huge rising tide of customer scrutiny, which is amazing. I love that customers are becoming much more aware of their purchases in the age of social media brands are really being held accountable in ways that wasn’t ever possible before. I know you’ve seen it, but I’ve seen so many businesses that have been eco shamed on Instagram, on social media, on basically any platform on the internet. I don’t want to be one of those businesses. I most certainly don’t want you to be one of those businesses. Customers are just really starting to become more eco friendly and they’re really voting with their values.

They’re shunning those businesses that don’t stem away from using that throw away plastic. There is a huge shift in consumers buying habits. There are so many more consumers that are willing to pay extra for environmentally friendly products. This reinforces the need for companies to increase their commitments, to be our responsible, sustainable business, and to change our business practices. Now I came across a really cool fact in a survey that was done last year (I will pop the links to the survey in my show notes), but this was one of their facts. There are approximately 83% of the respondents said that they felt it was important or extremely important. This is all inverted comments that companies designed their products to be more environmentally friendly. So that’s 83%. That is a huge number to consider. If your target market is one of the millennials, you will love this because these days it’s kind of a bit hip, it’s cool to start using environmentally friendly products or to start composting, or basically just being really aware of your footprint and millennials are just taking this onboard and running with it.

Do what’s right for you. You’re the decision maker in your business, and you can change how you package your products and you can shift your entire outlook of your business to be more sustainable. Let’s jump, just jump into my little time machine for a minute and think about this. Over five decades, yeah, there was plastic. Plastic was hailed as a revolutionary machine. Okay. Let’s just jump into my time machine for a minute. Zip up, put a seatbelt on over five decades ago, plastic was hailed as this amazing material. It was cheap, it was durable. It was light weight and it was used for practically everything. Yeah. I could not think of anything worse than having a house full of plastic. But anyway, this is five decades ago. Nowadays it’s changed. This has dramatically shifted and the threat that plastic has on the environment and the wildlife and the sea life, this staggering, and we’re seeing these effects, our children are going to see these effects.

Our grandchildren are going to see these effects and we don’t want to be a million years down the path and go, “wow, I wish my great grandma had changed her business model and actually started to make a difference in this world.” We don’t want to be that you already have to really look at some of the plastic facts to be scared for the future. This is the future. Our children are going to grow up in. They’re the ones that are going to see those effects. We can make a difference. We can make a difference. As a small business owner, we have that ability. Plastic is just absolutely crazy. There is something like 8 million tons of plastic that is leaked into the world’s oceans every single year. That is crazy or the other myths. Miscommunicated fact that the consumers are just not understanding is that plastic can break down.
Why aren’t they degradable? Plastic means that plastic just gets smaller. Those microplastics go into our soil. We grow vegetables in that soil. It might then rain. It goes all the way down into our oceans. It goes into our sea life. Do what? Maybe we might have a fish soup. There you go. We’ve eaten plastic. We consume, this is another little, a hot tip for you, but we consume one credit card size worth of plastic every single week we consume plastic and we eat it and we don’t even know. The worst thing about plastic is it lasts forever and ever. Every year we use over 300 million tons of new plastic. Half of this is only ever used once. These are some pretty crazy facts, absolutely crazy, actually. I know that you don’t want your business to be associated with any of those facts and you don’t want to be contributing to this problem.

That’s probably why you created your sustainable business in the first place. Isn’t it to make that impact on our environment with every package and product you develop. I want you to be really mindful, like really mindful of the environment footprint. I want you to really work on minimizing your packaging and really maximizing your use of recycled or post consumer recycled materials. Now, on that note, I would love to know what you use in your business. What are you doing for packaging, for your products? What are you doing for shipping your products? I really want to understand where you come from and why you’re doing certain things. I’d love for us to connect, come over to Instagram. That’s where I love to hang out, send me DM and let me know, what are you doing for your packaging? Send me a DM too at Coco Rose eco, and I would love to connect with you and just really find and understand what’s going on in your business with your packaging.

If at the start of this podcast, it really hasn’t given you enough reasons about why you should care about being plastic free in your business, I’m going to give you a few more. Wow. First of all, I one hundred percent guarantee that you care about the environment. That’s why you started your business. I know you want to be part of a movement, a bigger movement, a global movement, and really make that impact. It’s important to set a good example for other business owners, for other children, for your children. You can set that example. I know you’re not a wasteful person, not in your business and not at home, but you may just keep coming up against the how do I remove plastic from my business? Because I know it’s hard at the start. I used to have an eCommerce business where I was shipping really large products, Ratan products, and some of these were very odd shaped and could not be put into a box.

I had to use tape and every single time I used it, I just cringed and cringed because I knew it didn’t align with my business values but I just couldn’t find an affordable alternate option. I haven’t been spending a hundred dollars on tape to wrap one single product. I know it’s really hard, but what I want to give you in this podcast is some advice. I want to give you some tips. I want to give you, basically the knowledge to go back and look at your business and see where you can make these changes. A couple of things that I want you to think of is this one: use packaging that is recyclable. So this could be recycled filling. This could be shredded paper. This could be upcycled boxes and packaging. I actually know a few brands that already do this, and I love it.

I love receiving my products in these boxes because they’re shipping me their products that have been shipped from their supplier. No they’re not pretty boxes, but do I care? Not one little bit. I actually love it. I’ve taken photos and put them up on Instagram. Cause I was so proud of these businesses and how do they get around it with their customer? Basically they just put a little sticker saying, Hey, we care for our environment. We’re going to raise, reuse our boxes. So I think it’s amazing. Another one that you could use, which I actually really love, it looks pretty. I think it looks pretty and it does the job. It patterns your products. Basically what I’m talking about is the green wrap. I’m sure there’s other names for it, but I call it the green rap, even though it’s not green.

It’s the two layers where it has the white tissue paper and then the outer Brown layer. And it’s kind of corrugated. So provides that really nice cushioning space. This looks amazing. It protects your products, wrap it up with of twine and there you go, that’s your packaging. That’s everything done all in one. The other item that I love and really recommend you looking into, especially if you have, maybe some oils or glass bottles is indented craft paper. Basically this is the paper that has bumps across it. It adds texture and a really small amount of cushioning. It’s definitely stronger than the green paper and more sturdier, but definitely not as pretty as the other one. Now the other thing that I want you to think of is perhaps you could use packaging that is reusable. I know in my old business, I actually had calico bags made up for our products because I didn’t want to go down the path of just wrapping up in craft paper and still cutting down trees to make the paper.

So I got some bags made. These bags are now like similar sizes to the one that you put your fruits and vegetables in. So it’s reusable. They can keep reusing this bag. You can also upcycle old materials. If you’re a fashion label, I’m sure you have old material that could be made up into bags, or maybe I’ve heard of businesses even like using their old saris that they’ve made up into bags. And I love this idea. I really do because it’s playing, it’s really playing its part in the idea of a circular economy. Yeah, it may be more costly initially, but reusable packaging is more likely to be cost effective in the long run. Now the next thing, which is kind of again, a bit cool, a bit hip, all the hipsters are loving this and I love it as well. I love where my package is.

This is the compostable mailer bags. Yeah we’ve all seen them. There are quite a few brands coming out on the market. I believe even Sendle has their own packaging compostable bag that before you jump out and buy thousands of them to ship your products in, I really want to make sure that you do your homework first because there is a huge difference in home compostable and commercially compostable. You need to look out for that symbol for home compostable because if not, then it’s, they’re not good for you. And of course, don’t forget this. There is always corrugated cardboard craft paper or compostable packaging peanuts or Visy padded paper, Jiffy bags. There’s so many other options out there. You really just have to go to the second layer. When if you’re doing a little Google search, you’ll always get the normal packaging up the non eco friendly options.

If you just narrow down your search, look at your niche, you’ll really find this so many other options that are out there for you. This, as I said, there’s just so many options and there’s a lot of ways that you can really change your business. If you’re already not packaging in a sustainable way, you can change it. You can make that change. You as a small business owner and can make a difference. I want you to remember that it’s not all just about recycling because that’s the short term solution. We as business owners, we as a whole need to really create a bold, new and sustainable business model. We can do that where our owner, where our, that we own our business, we can create the sustainable business model that we want. It’s up to us to make change. We make the impact. We pull up our socks and we make that impact.

The stakes are just too high to not do, but I also want you to remember to be patient and to be really kind on yourself. Change doesn’t happen overnight. This is a journey. This is your eco journey. Everyone’s eco journey is different and it’s a long journey. Trust me sometimes it’s probably to frustrate you. Be super patient, but know that you’re making progress and really celebrate your green footprint progress, really celebrate it, jump up and down, advertise it, call a friend, tell someone, call me, send me a DM. I really want you to celebrate every little green footprint change that you make. You are creating a really amazing momentum. This momentum is going to create such an amazing ripple effect. It’s just going to explode. The more people that are doing this, the better and better our impact will be. As you can see, I’m passionate about helping the environment.

I’m just sorry, passionate about eco brands. Making that impact. Eco brands can change the environment. Eco brands can do this and grow their business and make sales and make profit and do all these amazing things. Sometimes I find that you just don’t have those business skills to kind of bring all those talents together, or he just feeling overwhelmed because there’s so many free things on the internet that you can read. You’re just not sure which direction to really get your business out there to make that impact. And I can help you with that. I have a really beautiful, such a beautiful group. As our eco membership, this is the part where we help your business grow. We help your business become visible to people that need your product. Your customers need your product to make that impact. In my eco membership, we have such a beautiful community and it’s so supportive and there’s so many learnings and trainings and masterminds and an amazing eco success part that you can just really work your way through and build the business that you have always dreamed of the business that makes that impact.

I’m so excited because I’m going to be opening the doors again. I don’t open them very often. This is not something that I have planned. I don’t have another one planned after this. I love to invite you to jump onto the waitlist. Just head to the link in my bio on Instagram or head to the show notes and pop your name down on the waitlist. Because just between you and me, there are some pretty cool, exclusive secret bonuses just for the people on the web. If you’re really wanting to make your business more visible, if you really want to make that impact and make more sales, I’d love for you to come and join us, come and join my community. On that note, I am going to love you. And I am going to leave you. Thank you so much for watching or listening to my podcast.

I am so thankful that you’ve taken that time out of your, I know, really busy life just to take that moment to really grow and just work on your business. So, if you have enjoyed this podcast episode, I’d love for you to leave me a little review. I would be ever so grateful. You can just head to Apple iTunes and pop your review in there. Or if you are an Android user head over to Stitcher, it would take you about 30 seconds and every review helps my beautiful podcast grow and grow. So, thank you again, lovely for listening. I am super excited to have you come along on my podcast journey and I hope you have an amazing day. All right, lovely. See you later. Bye. Thank you so much for joining in today’s episode of the Sustainable Shift podcast. If you enjoyed this episode, please make sure you hit the subscribe button.

So you don’t miss any future episodes. Leave me a quick review will take you about 30 seconds. I would be ever so grateful and want to be friends because we’re not really friends. Unless we Instagram friends head over to Instagram and semi DM at Coco Rose Eco. Anyway. Lovely. I hope you have an amazing day and I cannot wait to connect with you again soon. Thanks so much, ovely. Bye.



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